Green Queen Foodie: Have a Lunes Verde at Brickhouse

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Well-known and much loved as a destination for those seeking a late night taco fix,  Brickhouse, brought to you by uber trendy restauranteur group Maximal Concepts, has officially hopped on the green bandwagon with the release of their new Green Monday menu. This set menu, HKD 350 for 2 people, is not only a great deal on delicious food but provides a great alternative for those trying to curb their meat consumption. Plus the menu is extremely gluten-free friendly! If this is not an excuse to have a Brickhouse Margarita on a Monday night, we don’t know what is.

Watermelon Salad

Once you have sat down at your table, lit by warm and environmentally friendly candle light, you start by choosing between the Mexican-Style Street Corn, the Home Beet Fries, and the Vegetarian Tacos. We highly recommend the Mexican-Style Street Corn which is gluten-free and quite possibly our favorite dish of the night. The corn is cooked & charred to perfection before being rolled in chili, homemade mayonnaise and queso (cheese) and may have you asking for seconds. The Home Beet Fries, also gluten-free, are beautiful chunks of roasted red beets with a light coating that does not overpower, served with a sweet chili aioli- this is such an inventive dish! Who needs potatoes? Why no one has hought to make fries out of beetroots before is beyond us. 


Next we sampled the gorgeous Watermelon Salad. Refreshing watermelon cubes, cooling mint leaves, crunchy toasted candied pepitas (pumpkin seeds) and creamy goat feta finished with sweet chilli syrup, this is the perfect accompaniment to a warm summer evening. Finally, we feasted on the Chile Relleno,  a hearty dish that fills you right up. A large poblano pepper stuffed with quinoa, butternut squash, chives, manchego cheese and papita salsa, even meat eaters will agree that no carne is missed. If you have room for desert, the special set menu includes a Chili-Spiked Chocolate Cake. Did we mention it’s gluten-free too? A healthy, gut friendly indulgence. 

Home Beet Fries

Of course there are other delicious vegetarian choices on the menu including The Steve Jobs taco, which deserves to be ordered for the name alone! (Jobs was a avid and passionate vegetarian.) What’s also awesome at Brickhouse is that they have two different tortilla options: one 100% corn (and gluten-free) and one wheat flour one. Make sure to specify which one you want. All the tortillas are made fresh daily on the spot, which we love! We also sampled the gluten-free Guacamole and Salsas,  served with organic stone ground chips (100% corn flour AKA gluten-free). Brickhouse knows that good food starts with good ingredients and all the tomatoes they use are organic and locally sourced- the procurement team chooses local organic produce wherever possible.

Steve Jobs Tacos

It must be said that Brickhouse has more going for it than just the food. They believe in a socially conscious approach to restauranting and connecting with the local community through various efforts and collaborations. The restaurant showcases local art with their “Artist of the Month” initiativve, which they also promote via their strong social media voice. Further highlighting their commitment to Hong Kong’s burgeoning art scene, the murals on the restaurant’s walls are all done by local artists.


The team also lends a helping hand whenever they can: last year when Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines and impacted members of the team,  Brickhouse responded by holding various events to raise money. Further, the team works to support the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation in South Africa. In addition to donations they were able to send a team to South Africa to build a cafe that provided a revenue generating business for the organisation. They also maintain a constant program of giving and 5% of chicken taco sales go to a rotating charity of the month. 

Tuna Tostadas

After stuffing ourselves unashamedly and without reservations, we can happily confirm that Brickhouse puts forth a vegetarian feast fit for un rey. Get over there as soon as you can for Mexican grub that’s both healthy and super tasty!


Brickhouse is located at 20A D’Aguilar Street in Central. They are open for dinner only Monday through Wednesday 6PM to 2AM and Thursday through Saturday 6PM to 4 AM. They are closed Sunday. No reservations and no phone number though you can email them at




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