Green Queen Giving: International Care Ministries (ICM)

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For this month’s Green Queen Giving, we talk to Tess Lyons who heads up Donor Relations for the Hong Kong office of International Care Ministries (ICM) in Hong Kong. 

How was ICM started?

ICM came into existence 22 years ago when a Hong Kong woman was visiting The Philippines and a local lady asked for money to pay for her funeral. Horrified at the woman’s acceptance that a funeral was easier to pay for than surgery, the woman started ICM , with the mission of “Reaching the Poor”. 

What is ICM’s mission?

ICM ‘s mission is to serve the ultra-poor in the Philippines with education programs which address the emotional, spiritual, physical and financial needs of the poor.

What is ICM’s geographical focus?

ICM ‘s focus is the Philippines. We have nine bases located in the Visayas and Southern Philippines and we are able to reach over 102, 000 people annually. 

What are ICM’s goals for Hong Kong specifically?

The Hong Kong office serves to raise awareness and funds for ICM ‘s community transformation programs. We run corporate, friends and family building trips throughout the year and several fundraising events and are always looking for people to join us. 

How can Hong Kongers get involved with ICM?

There are many ways to get involved with ICM : join us for our Bankers and Lawyers on Detention Quiz Night, attend our October Banquet, participate on a building trip or Kids’ Camp, and volunteer in the lead up to the banquet or at the office all year round.  

What are some of your favourite charities, other than ICM of course?

We love the work of organization like Crossroads Foundation, Soap Cycling and Box of Hope.

ICM Photo 

Green Queen Giving is a monthly series where we will showcase one of the the amazing NGOs or charities that we are proud to list in our Green Queen Guide to Hong Kong.


All photos courtesy of Brian Yen, ICM’s volunteer photographer. 


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