OneRare And Honeybee Burger Join Forces To Make The Metaverse More Meat-Free

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OneRare, builder of the first food-centric metaverse platform has revealed LA-based mini-chain Honeybee Burger will be joining its world. The plant-based brand sees the joining of the ‘foodverse’ as a new way to make meat-free menu items recognisable, desirable and universally accessible.

By joining OneRare, Honeybee will create a virtual location that can be accessed by any metaverse avatars. Plans include the development of an NFT menu which will allow users to ‘buy’ vegan products. It’s a step up from simulation gaming that Honeybee hopes will allow it to spread its message of animal-free dining wider than the cities it is physically located in.

Vegan burgers will be a virual reality soon.

Plant-based burgers without borders

Honeybee has garnered itself a growing legion of fans in Southern California, since being founded by ex-Wall Street executives. As the plant-based burger sector has grown, the small chain has started looking to expand its reach. New physical locations are being slated for Chicago and New York. The OneRare-hosted storefront will take accessibility to a new level.

“We like to think of Honeybee as an innovator, redefining the potential of vegan food in order to increase the appeal of plant-based dining globally,” Adam Weiss, Honeybee CEO said in a statement. “This innovation extends to our business and marketing, where we were one of the first to use Regulation CF to raise funds, and now we want to be one of the first to market in the metaverse.”

Honeybee looks to be daring with the brands it partners with. Nowadays nuggets and Akua kelp patties have both been added to the menu, with the latter being a first for the QSR sector. Joining forces with OneRare is an extension of the unusual approach that Honeybee takes.

There has been no confirmation as to potential NFT menu items that will be made available. It is assumed that the flagship ‘Honeybee’ cheese option will be included, however. The burger was chosen as the best vegan burger in LA by VegNews and offers diners a choice of Beyond or Impossible patty.

The metaverse is set to make VR more realistic than ever.

The meta-what?

The metaverse is not a singular place, but a technology segment. The goal is to mimic things of the physical world, but with no geographical restrictions. This means that a user in Japan can arrange to have lunch in the metaverse, with a friend in London. They can enter a virtual restaurant and enjoy known menu items together.

A number of leading food companies, such as Chipotle, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s are already developing their own metaverse spaces. Partnering with established platforms like OneRare gives smaller chains an opportunity to get in ahead of the curve and be part of a community.

Metaverse dining is one of many ways that food is changing. How, where, and what we eat are all radically altering in accordance with trends and increasing online presence. 

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