The Week In Plant-Based: “NFPs” From Meatless Farms, Impossible Sausage Links, Vegan Butterbeer

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The latest initiative around food-focused non-fungible tokens (NFTs) comes courtesy of vegan meat brand Meatless Farm, which is currently offering fans a pea farm allotment through the tokens. Elsewhere, Impossible has launched new sausage links that “snap” like the real thing, and health-conscious Harry Potter fans are petitioning for vegan Butterbeer.

UK: Meatless Farm launches NFTs for peas

Update: This was an April Fool’s announcement, there are no actual NFTs.

Meatless Farm, which uses pea protein as the main ingredient for its plant-based meat products, has launched a non-fungible token called “NFPs.” 

The one-of-a-kind digital art tokens are, of course, pea-themed. Those who purchase them also get “a pea farm allotment in the metaverse to grow peas for a sustainable future in the virtual world,” according to Meatless Farm. The NFPs are priced at 0.0004 Ethereum each, or roughly $1.31. 

The whole NFT concept, meanwhile, shows up increasingly in the food world via retail brands and restaurants. 

Image courtesy of Subway/MEAT ZERO.

Thailand: Subway launches a plant-based patty by MEAT ZERO

CPF brand MEAT ZERO launched in its home country Thailand in 2021 and aims to be one of the top alt-protein brands in Asia within three years.

Collaborating with sandwich chain Subway could help. The two companies have developed the Plant Based Garlic & Herb Patty, which is now available on Subway menus across Thailand. 

Elsewhere in Asia, CPF launched the MEAT ZERO brand in Singapore in 2021 and has a deal to produce menu items with KFC.

UK: Oumph! unveils vegan alternative to drumsticks

The Livekindly Collective brand’s new Spicy Drums product is now available in the frozen food section at Iceland and Food Warehouse stores around the UK. Oumph! says its new Drums are suitable for air frying, shallow frying, or oven cooking, and meant to replace the meaty drumsticks frequently found at barbeque parties. 

Oumph! also recently launched a heat-and-serve-style burrito bowl at Iceland and Food Warehouse stores in the UK. 

Image courtesy of Mummy Meagz.

UK: Mummy Meagz debuts oak milk créme egg

The brand is releasing a limited number of its new vegan Chuckie Eggs, which are made with oat milk to create the gooey “yolk” at the center of the egg. Customers can pre-order the eggs on the Mummy Meagz site at £5 for five eggs. The company says all pre-orders will be delivered in time for the Easter holiday.

From April 18, the eggs will be available at Asda stores in the UK year-round. 

Chuckie Eggs launched in 2020 as a fully vegan alternative to the traditional creme-filled egg candies traditionally available at Easter. 

UK: Biff’s Plant Shack launches vegan chicken wing “with bone”

The London-based street food brand has unveiled a plant-based chicken wing with a “bone” made using a sugarcane spear. The idea is to create an exact replica of the traditional chicken wing using only plant-based ingredients. 

As their name suggests, the Crispy Fried Jackfruit Wingz are made with jackfruit, which more companies are using nowadays to create meat analogues. The wings are available exclusively at Waitrose stores in the UK for now.

Image courtesy of Impossible Foods.

US: Impossible puts a snappy spin on sausage links

Impossible Foods just launched Impossible Sausage Links, for which the company has developed a new technology that makes the links snap like their traditional counterparts. 

The links will arrive at grocery stores this month in Bratwurst, Italian, and Spicy flavors, and can be grilled over an open flame or incorporated into other dishes. They are the sixth product launch from Impossible in the last eight months.

UK: Neat Burger hires former execs from Sweetgreen, Le Pain Quotidian 

Alt-protein restaurant chain Neat Burger has expanded its growing staff with three senior hires, all of which boast impressive resumes in the F&B world. That includes former Sweetgreen chairman Jeffrey S. Fried, equity funds expert and ex-COO of Joe & The Juice Henrik Fjordbak, and Vincent Herbert, the former CEO of cafe chain Le Pain Quotidian. 

Neat Burger currently has several locations in the UK. The company plans to expand in the US, with Herbert leading the development of a Neat Burger innovation center in NYC and eventual distribution in the retail sector. 

Image courtesy of This.

UK: This launches caramelized onion sausage

Alt-meat brand This announced the launch of its latest product, This Isn’t Caramelised Onion Sausage at stores in the UK. The vegan sausage items are made with pea protein and a patent-pending, olive oil-based fat that “helps create the same succulence and bite of meat but without the down sides,” according to the company. 

The product launched this week at Tesco stores and retails for £2.95 for 230g.

AAK, Chr. Hansen, Givaudan, and Ingredion develop vegan yogurt base 

The four companies, all members of innovation platform MISTA, created a plant-based yogurt base they say identifies “a gap in terms of taste and texture” with current dairy-free yogurt offerings. 

Companies did not give details on the actual ingredients list, though they noted all ingredients are “clean label.” Other partners in MISTA’s network will be able to work with the original recipe providers in order to incorporate the base into their own products. 

Image courtesy of Universal.

US: The Wizarding World gets its first vegan food options

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida now offers park-goers a wider range of plant-based vegan options for food around the property. Items include a vegan mushroom pie, shepherd’s pie, pasty pie, and Irish stew. 

Sadly, vegan Butter Beer is not yet an option since the beloved beverage contains dairy. The Protego Foundation, a Harry Potter-themed animal-rights group, is currently vying for Universal Studios to make such an item. A petition for the campaign has received 7,700 signatures so far. 

UK: TGI Fridays launches plant-based items

The casual restaurant chain has partnered with Meatless Farm to develop plant-based versions of some of its most popular menu items, including a vegan Sesame Chicken, Meatless Chicken Tacos, Meatless Chicken Fri-jitas, and Vegan Loaded Fries.

TGI Fridays menus already include plant-based options from Beyond Burger and has been an early mover when it comes to providing customers with a wider variety of vegan options on the menu.

 Lead image courtesy of Meatless Farm.


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