Hong Kong’s Greenest Food Truck: Impossible Foods x Invisible Kitchen Limited Edition Vegan-Friendly Collab

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Don’t miss out on Hong Kong’s greenest food truck experience: grab your Revolv reusable lunchbox and stuff your face with Buddha Bowls & Subs featuring plant-based Impossible meat!

Invisible Kitchen, hailed as Hong Kong’s most eco-friendly caterer, will be partnering up with Impossible Foods to launch the city’s greenest food truck for a limited time this summer. Starting June 17th and running for four weeks until July 12th July, hungry visitors can order delicious, plant-based, and healthy meals at the Impossible Food Truck appearing outside Dorset House on Tong Chong Street, Taikoo Place.  

During its four-week guest appearance, Invisible Kitchen will be serving up nutritionally loaded plant-based Buddha Bowls and Subs, alongside snacks and desserts. The menu will showcase a rotating variety of Impossible plates to keep regulars hungry for more mouthwatering green meals.  

The Menu: Impossible Plant-Based Meat Front & Center

Executive Chef and Founder Tom Burney’s lunch menu will be comprised of dishes made from locally and responsibly sourced ingredients, and feature Impossible plant-based meat front and centre. Bursting with nutrition and flavour, the Buddha Bowls feature the Mexican Smoky Chilli, the Greek Impossible Beef Kofta, and the Italian Impossible Beef with burrata. Adding to the menu’s international flair are a series of Sub sandwiches including the Impossible Meatballs Sub, L’American Mini Impossible Patties or Banh Mi Grilled Impossible Beef.

Those looking for something moreish with which to complete their meal can choose from the medley of scrumptious sides such as the Mini Wellingtons, Sausage Rolls, Stuffed Chilli Peppers, Empanadas and Black Truffle Pastries. Folks with a sweet-tooth can feast on the 72% Chocolate and Cranberry Brownies and the Smoked Panacotta with Wild Raspberry.

Impossible Mexican Smoked Chilli Buddha Bowl by Invisible Kitchen

Zero Waste: Reusable Lunchbox Scheme by revolv

Of course, visitors, residents and office workers dropping by the food truck are encouraged to BYOB (Bring Your Own Box) and cutlery for an additional HK$10 discount. However, should you forget/not have your own, don’t fret! In the spirit of sustainability and reducing single-use plastics, the city’s greenest food truck will be partnering with revolv to offer reusable lunchboxes. This new “deposit scheme” initiative will allow customers to loan a lunchbox and spork for a small deposit which will be refunded once it’s returned to the food truck. revolv is a Hong Kong-based startup committed to tackling Asia’s single-use plastic & takeaway problem by creating a network of reusable cups & containers that can be easily borrowed and returned at partner locations.

revolv Reusable Lunchbox

Eco Conscious: Supporting Social & Environmental NGOs

To top it off, Invisible Kitchen will be contributing to tackling the city’s food waste problem, as well as supporting other important eco causes. For the sale of each Buddha Bowl, HK$ 5 will be donated to Feeding Hong Kong, a local food bank that redistributes surplus food to communities in need. Invisible Kitchen has pledged HK$5 for every Sub sold to projects dedicated to preserving indigenous buffalo cattle in Lantau.

From offering appetising low-carbon plant-based menu items, to pioneering single-use plastic free initiatives and embedding a donation scheme for worthy eco causes into their pricing, Invisible Kitchen’s food truck easily earns the title of the city’s greenest food truck and shows Hong Kongers that lunch can be convenient, tasty and eco-friendly, without costing the Earth! Don’t miss out on this delicious collaboration.

The Impossible Foods x Invisible Kitchen Food Truck is located outside Dorset House, Tong Chong Street, Taikoo (Quarry Bay is the nearest MTR) and takes place 17 June to 12 July 2019, Monday to Friday from 11:30AM – 2:30PM.

This article has been updated to specify that revolv is a Hong Kong-based startup and the reusable lunchboxes need to be returned to the foodtruck.

Lead image and Buddha Bowl photo courtesy of Invisible Kitchen, reusable lunchbox photo courtesy of revolv.


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