March 2018 Green Queen Scoop: Headlines You Need To Read

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You’re busy, we get it. That’s why we created the GREEN QUEEN SCOOP. We scour the international headlines from around the globe to find the most important health, wellness & environmental stories so you don’t have to! 

1. China has jumped on the vegan bandwagon
More and more people in China are switching to vegetarian food. In China, a country which is the world’s largest market for beef, pork, and poultry, eateries are going all vegan to encash this popular sentiment.
2. More reasons for yogis to feel superior (and happier)
It may even help people who haven’t responded to drugs.
3. Meat alternatives may need a new word for meat
Is it or isn’t it? That’s the question that vegetarians, and now the beef industry as well, is asking of lab grown “meat.” Tech startups in the business of creating so-called “clean meat,” which is grown entirely in a lab (but using animal cells), have long argued that their product…
4. China is doing WAY better when it comes to pollution *but what about HK?
Research gives estimates on the longer lives that are now possible in the country.
5. We should be ashamed of ourselves really
Adopting healthier diet could slash city’s global water consumption impact by 40 per cent, EU study finds
6. And you thought the whole plastic thing couldn’t get any worse…
A study reveals highest microplastic pollution levels ever recorded in a river in Manchester, UK and shows that billions of particles flooded into the sea from rivers in the area in just one year
7. It gets WAY worse: pretty much all bottled water contains plastic (especially the expensive ones)
In tests on branded water drinks, nearly all are shown to contain tiny pieces of plastic.
T he Queen has declared war on plastic, banning straws and bottles from the Royal estates.Buckingham Palace outlined new waste plans and said there was a ‘strong desire to tackle the issue’ at the highest levels of the Royal household.
8. US City Says NO to fur, more cities expected to follow
San Francisco’s city supervisors voted unanimously to ban the sale of fur, making it the third city in California and the largest in the U.S. to ban fur.
9. Workout AND save the planet! #plogging
Plus, it’s got a great name. Who wouldn’t want to call themselves a “plogger”?
10. Bye Bye Ballon: Sorry kids, they’ve got to go
SOON businesses and residents in three of Melbourne’s suburbs will be banned from selling or purchasing balloons and other plastics such as disposable food containers and cups.

Lead image: Pexels. 


  • Sonalie Figueiras

    Serial social entrepreneur Sonalie Figueiras is the founder & editor-in-chief of Green Queen, an award-winning impact media platform advocating for social & environmental change in Hong Kong with a mission to shift consumer behaviour through inspiring & empowering original content. She is also the founder & CEO of SourceGreenPackaging,com, the global wholesale eCom marketplace for sustainable packaging products, Ekowarehouse, the global sourcing platform for certified organic products, with a mission to make safe, quality food accessible & affordable for the whole planet. With over a decade of experience in publishing, digital marketing, organic trade and health & sustainability, she is an eco wellness industry veteran with a keen eye for market trends and a sought-after international speaker and moderator, sharing her expertise on stages across Asia and beyond, including TEDx and Harvard Business School.

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