6 US Vegan Fish Brands New York’s Mayor Eric Adams Should Try

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New York’s ‘vegan’ Mayor, Eric Adams has come under fire. Just days after implementing Vegan Fridays in the city’s public schools, he has admitted that he still eats fish sometimes. 

There are lots of reasons why eating fish is not necessarily a healthy choice—even in moderation.

Adams says he reversed a diabetes diagnosis through a predominantly plant-based diet. He is focused on helping children from all communities to access healthy animal-free food. He is also fortunate enough to live in the U.S. where plenty of plant-based seafood companies can get him on the vegan straight and narrow, if he so chooses. Here are six.

1. Sophie’s Kitchen

California’s Sophie’s Kitchen was founded in a bid to offer a healthy, ethical alternative to conventional fish. Operating for more than a decade, it is now benefitting from being less niche and more of an in-demand food source. All products are ready to either serve as is, including smoked salmon and tuna analogues, or oven-ready, to be served as the main highlight in a larger dish.

Don’t miss: The breaded vegan shrimp. It’s the perfect ‘fakeaway’ treat.

2. Ocean Hugger Foods

Founder James Corwell was inspired to launch Ocean Hugger Foods after witnessing the scale of the overfishing problem, first hand. Stood in a Japanese fish market, he realised the world’s oceans couldn’t keep up with demand for tuna and other fish meats. Today, Ocean Hugger creates realistic tuna and eel replacements, using all-natural ingredients. The company was forced to close temporarily during the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic but has relaunched in earnest. Oh, and they are New York natives, so this is a great one to support Mayor Adams!

Don’t miss: The Ahimi tuna. Made from tomatoes, it’s a health-forward and daring recreation of raw fish that works in sushi so well.

3. Gardein

A giant of the plant-based protein world, Canada’s Gardein has included vegan fish in its portfolio for years now. Its fillets and mini crab cakes are ideally portioned for main meals or lunches. Everything can be safely frozen, for when a quick and easy meal is wanted and health is a priority. As a result, good protein levels and modest calories come as standard.

Don’t miss: The crab cakes. Perfect for a This-inspired salad with a zingy dressing, or on their own with sweet chili dipping sauce.

4. Current Foods

Fresh off a rebrand, this San Francisco company formerly known as Kuleana is making some of the most realistic fishless tuna in the U.S. It specialises in sushi-grade whole-cuts, which has been expanded to include smoked salmon. Recently, Current Foods announced that it is making its tuna analogue available for nationwide delivery. Being in a different state won’t be a stumbling block to some authentic tuna mouthfeels.

Don’t miss: The whole-cut tuna, obviously, but check out Current Foods’ recipe for ceviche. It’s the perfect way to serve its flagship product.

5. Good Catch Foods

Coming in hot from Pennsylvania is Good Catch Foods. Founded by Chad Sarno, one of the brothers behind Wicked Kitchen, this brand has set out to totally remove the need for commercial fishing. Using a secret six-lgume-blend, the flakiness of real fish has been replicated in a number of varieties, all of which are frozen and ready to cook when needed. Good Catch has focussed on a core of favourite family dishes, including fish sticks and fish cakes, turning them vegan and sustainable with no loss of taste.

Don’t miss: The Salmon Burgers. Juicy, protein-filled and as flakey as the real things, they are easy to dress up, but equally, stand alone as a favourite post-gym snack.

6. Jinka

Californian brand Jinka started with tuna and has expanded to crab. Rumour has it, it will be debuting calamari soon as well. Recipes were developed by the founder and her long-time plant-based grandmother, in 2019. Jinka prides itself on offering a range of flavoured tuna products and spreads, that add protein but no heavy metals or contamination to meals.

Don’t miss: The calamari sounds thought is going to be a game-changer, so is worth keeping an eye out for.

Lead image produced using Current Foods’ product image and Seth Wenig Mayor Eric Edams image.


  • Amy Buxton

    A long-term committed ethical vegan and formerly Green Queen's resident plant-based reporter, Amy juggles raising a family and maintaining her editorial career, while also campaigning for increased mental health awareness in the professional world. Known for her love of searing honesty, in addition to recipe developing, animal welfare and (often lacklustre) attempts at handicrafts, she’s hands-on and guided by her veganism in all aspects of life. She’s also extremely proud to be raising a next-generation vegan baby.

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