‘You Asked. We Listened.’ McDonald’s Doubles the McPlant Burger

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Following its successful launch in the U.K. last year, McDonald’s is now offering consumers a Double McPlant across all U.K. and Ireland locations.

“You asked. We listened,” reads a post on the McDonald’s website. The fast-food chain says it’s making the popular vegan burger “twice as nice” by featuring two Beyond Meat patties instead of one. The new sandwiches will be available beginning January 4th, just in time for the popular month-long vegan campaign, Veganuary.

The Double McPlant

The new burger option joins the original McPlant and Veggie Dippers as the only other Vegetarian Society-approved vegan options on the U.K. menu.

McDonald’s credits its customers for continuing to pressure the chain to add the new menu item.

double mcplant
McDonald’s has added a Double McPlant in the U.K.

One customer Tweeted: “I know it’s 7am but when are @McDonaldsUK going to allow a Double McPlant?? All I want is the option to have two patties. this is the important stuff I need addressed.” (@hollzap) 

Another fan Tweeted: “I have said on many occasions that the McPlant has changed my life, but if there were to be a double McPlant?  I can only imagine”. (@Psijguy) 

Just like the original McPlant, the Double McPlant is vegan-certified and cooked separately from other McDonald’s burgers and sandwiches using dedicated utensils.

The McPlant

The initial U.K. rollout saw 250 locations nationwide offer the McPlant burger. But continued demand led the chain to make the burger available nationwide last January.

“We’re so pleased that our McPlant is now officially ‘everywhere’ and available for more of our customers to taste and enjoy,” Michelle Graham-Clare, chief marketing officer at McDonald’s U.K. and Ireland said in a statement last year. “We saw a remarkable response to the trial period back in October. And, now McPlant is on the high-street, in retail parks and service stations all over the U.K. and Ireland.”

Image courtesy of Mcdonald’s.

The McPlant burger was developed to taste like traditional McDonald’s burgers including the iconic sesame seed bun and vegan cheese.

The permanent inclusion and expansion of the McPlant is part of McDonald’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

While the double burger is currently only being offered in the U.K. and Ireland, the original McPlant is still widely available across Europe in locations throughout Sweden, Denmark, and Portugal, as well as in Australia, among other markets.

But despite its success across the pond, the McPlant struggled in the U.S., with sales failing to meet expectations following a 600-store trial run that ended earlier this year.


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