Motif FoodWorks Hopes to Raise the Bar on Vegan Meat With Its 3 New Categories

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Pioneering food tech company, Motif FoodWorks, has unveiled a new range of vegan meat products under the Motif PorkWorks, Motif BeefWorks, and Motif ChickenWorks labels. It will debut the new range at the National Restaurant Association Show (NRA) in Chicago this weekend.

Boston-based Motif’s new collection for the foodservice industry is aimed at offering restaurant owners and operators menu items that deliver the flavor and texture of conventional meat, catering to the increasing consumer demand for superior plant-based alternatives.

The new vegan meat products currently include ground meat and burgers and are built on Motif’s signature Hemami and Appetex proteins, which it uses to help recreate the texture, taste, and nutrition profile of conventional meat.

‘The new benchmark’

CEO Michael Leonard explained, “Motif answers operators’ desire to meet consumer demand for great-tasting plant-based food by creating alternatives that truly mimic the taste and texture of animal meat. With Appetex and Hemami, we have refined our portfolio of products to meet the needs of foodservice customers and are eager to share samples of what is the new benchmark in plant-based meats at NRA.”

Motif FoodWorks' Hemami beef burgers
Motif FoodWorks’ Hemami beef burgers | Courtesy

According to Motif, more than half of consumers said they would eat plant-based meat if they were more similar to conventional animal products. Motif says its tech used in the PorkWorks, ChickenWorks, and BeefWorks ranges is expected to revolutionize the sector by replicating the unique flavor and succulent, springy texture of meat products. It says its combination of Appetex and Hemami offers a more “authentic” taste experience.

Last month, Motif debuted its first direct-to-consumer vegan burger. “When we sample our products at tradeshows and events, the number one question we are asked is ‘Where can I buy your product?’,” Leonard said in a statement. “That’s why we are excited to offer people a way to try our products at home and taste the delicious experience created by Motif’s ingredients.”

Heme challenges

The company has also been at the center of legal challenges filed against California-based vegan meat leader, Impossible Foods. Motif has challenged Impossible’s patented heme technology, saying the company should have never been granted a patent to begin with.

On its website, Motif says that instead of advancing the industry together, supporting innovation and championing collaboration, Impossible is trying to “own Heme, a protein found in nature.”

Impossible Foods founder Pat Brown with a burger
Impossible Foods founder Pat Brown with a burger | Courtesy

“If Impossible is able to prevent others from using heme protein, it will mean less innovation in the plant-based food category,” the company says. “No one else will be able to experiment with heme in plant-based foods. It’s the same tactic used by technology ‘patent trolls’: securing overly broad patents and then using them to dominate the marketplace.”

While the legal challenges are ongoing, Motif continues to distribute its Hemami-based food, which cleared FDA approval hurdles in 2021. It will be sampling its new vegan pork and other meats at the NRA between Saturday, May 20, and Tuesday, May 23 at booth 490 in the South Hall, Organic & Natural Pavilion.


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