New Asian Protein Alliance to Scale Environmentally Friendly Food

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Bringing the focus to alternative protein in Japan and Singapore, Next Meats, Dr. Foods, and ImpacFat announced they are joining forces on the development of Next Fish and other sustainable offerings.

The three companies are leveraging their combined expertise in an effort to speed to market Next Meats’ Next Fish, with other products to follow.

Next level protein

Tokyo-based Next Meats, known for its plant-based Wagyu beef, is focused on research and development across the alternative protein sector with a focus on sustainability.

Also based in Japan, Dr. Foods has angled its research around cultured foods, namely koji, the traditional Japanese fermented food source that was used in the world’s first vegetable-based foie gras.

Next Meats is known for its Wagyu | Courtesy

Singapore’s ImpacFat is working on cultivated fish. It debuted the world’s first cultivated fish fat in Singapore earlier this month. The company says its fish fat enhances taste, juiciness, aroma, and nutrition with the inclusion of omega fatty acids, of alternative protein.

“As a consumer, we may think that fat is bad and want to reduce our fat intake. However, ImpacFat wants the world to know that fat can be good too,” Mandy Hon, Managing Director, ImpacFat Pte. Ltd., said in a statement earlier this month. “Since fat is essential in our diet, why not take the healthiest one? ImpacFat aims to give that healthiest fat that you will want to gain, while at the same time protecting the animals and environment. We can’t wait to let everyone taste our healthy and tasty fish fat,” Hon said.

Industry alliances

The partnership is the latest in a string of industry alliances aimed at attracting flexitarian consumers who want to reduce their consumption of animal products but don’t want to sacrifice taste, texture, or function.

Courtesy NewFish

Sophie’s Bionutrients and NewFish, both leaders in microalgae protein fermentation, announced a partnership in September aimed at exploring microalgae’s potential in making dairy more sustainable.

In July, MeaTech and Umami Meats announced they were working together to bring 3D-printed cultivated meat to market.

Perfect Day, the Berkeley-based precision fermentation whey producer, has fostered a number of alliances with multinational food brands including Nestlé, Mars, and General Mills, marrying its microbial whey with their culinary teams to develop products including RTD milk, cheese, and chocolate.

Chile’s NotCo is levering its AI tech to support Kraft Heinz’s launch into plant-based categories including the recent launch of its first dairy-free Kraft Singles.


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