No Meat Today: Netherlands-Based Van Loon Group Launches New Alt Meat Brand

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Dutch traditional meat products manufacturer Van Loon Group will replace its 2019 brand The Blue Butcher with a new meat substitute brand called No Meat Today.

Netherlands-based Van Loon Group, which consists of Van Loon Vlees, Brandenburg, Van de Raa and Meat Friends, has announced the launch of a new meat alternative protein brand called the No Meat Today Company.

In addition to this, the group has opened a factory in Almere to manufacture an ingredient called FiberFort, a raw material that contains essential amino acids and that can be used for chicken alternatives.

The Dutch conglomerate has been operational in the animal protein space for around 50 years. Back in 2019, they introduced meat alternatives under the brand The Blue Butcher for the first time at the Anuga fair in Germany, which has now been rebranded as No Meat Today. Some of the products under this brand include wheat and soy protein-based burgers, meatballs, mince sausages, and schnitzels. The company says it aims to be the “most sustainable-oriented” and “top notch producer of meat substitutes.”

In a press release seen by Green Queen, chairman of the board at Van Loon Group, Erik van Loon, said that their years of dealing with meat products give them a better understanding of how to make meat alternatives. “The demand for quality meat replacements has now increased to such an extent that we saw opportunities for a new company. We are also taking responsibility when it comes to safeguarding the world of tomorrow. We want to contribute to a sustainable future. With our years of experience in developing meat products, we know better than anyone how to make tasty meat substitutes. With the establishment of No Meat Today Company, we are taking the next step in our ambition to further develop as a food company.”

Erik van Loon (above-right). Source: The Blue Butcher

We are also taking responsibility when it comes to safeguarding the world of tomorrow. We want to contribute to a sustainable future

Erik van Loon, chairman of the board at Van Loon Group

Managing Director of the Group, Arnold Burger added: “In the Normec Sensory product test last April, our products tested best for colour, taste, texture and bite. We have already developed nuggets, tenders, wings and schnitzels. Substitutes for fish, beef and pork products are in development.”

Lead image courtesy of The Blue Butcher.


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