Veganzone: Social Media Platform Bags US$3M To Help Plant-Based Users Connect

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Veganzone, a community-based platform for vegans and vegetarians received its first round of financing, a US$3 million from Istanbul-based investment firm Focus Global Project to continue to help plant-forward netizens socialize together.

Veganzone was founded in New York in February 2021 by Selin Tuyen, Murat Aksu, and Ogous Chan Ali as a social media app for vegans and those interested in veganism and adopting a plant-based lifestyle to share their love for common values and socialize through various activities. Users can create or join online or in-person events, chat with their friends as well as connect with new like-minded people, create and share content, read news and discover the latest trends.

The startup has raised its first round of funding, a US$3 million injection from Focus Global Project that will enable them to ramp up the development of its software technologies and expands its growth in the 40 countries that it exists including the U.S., the U.K., and Turkey. The app is available to both iPhone and Android users.

In a press release seen by Green Queen, project managing partner of Focus Global Project Kerem Kapancı said: “We are investing in Veganzone to help it grow and expand its global reach to support the many benefits of the platform to vegans and vegetarians. We support the company’s mission to build a community for people around the world who have adopted this lifestyle.”

In March, the platform was named best product of the day, best product of the week and third-best product of the month by popular global tech ranking & listing outlet Product Hunt.

We support the company’s mission to build a community for people around the world who have adopted a plant-based lifestyle

Kerem Kapancı, project managing partner of Focus Global Project

A host of startups and platforms have debuted of late to cater to the rising number of plant-based digital citizens. Last year, Australia-based journalist and founder of Vegan Business Media Katrina Fox debuted a membership platform dubbed The Vegan Women’s Leadership Network with a mission to build an ethical leadership community for plant-based women around the world. Online vegan course network called MyCoLearn will be beta launching this July to bring together vegan creators to teach their skills and knowledge to those interested.

Global dating app Veggly, dedicated exclusively to vegans and vegetarians, is active in over 180 countries and recently celebrated a million matches on its platform, witnessing a 12x growth in under 18 months. Another app called vKind founded by digital entrepreneur and long-time vegan Michon Javelosa provides vegan consumers with easy access to vegan products that are near them and aims to bring plant-based brands, businesses and professionals on one single platform.

Recently, the world’s first vegan-only caterer booking platform was unveiled in Germany to not only help the catering industry bounce back from the impact of the pandemic but also increase accessibility to plant-based meals. 

Lead image courtesy of Veganzone.


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