NotCo Gets Patent For Its AI Technology Searches For The Perfect Plant-Based Formula

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NotCo, the leading Latin American food tech backed by the likes of Jeff Bezos, has been granted a patent in the U.S. for its proprietary artificial intelligence technology. The now patented Giuseppe uses AI and machine learning algorithms to find the best plant-based replacements for animal proteins, and is the brains behind NotCo’s range of vegan-friendly milks, mayonnaise and burgers. 

NotCo has been awarded a patent in the U.S. for its first-of-kind food formula generation technology, a milestone that puts the food tech in the “front seat” in the industry, it said on Monday (March 8). The Chilean startup’s proprietary technology, called Giuseppe, matches thousands of plant-based ingredients and comes up with the ideal formula to replace animal-based proteins

[Giuseppe] find[s] different and unexpected plant combinations for target products, and this is only the beginning.

Karim Pichara, Co-Founder & CTO, NotCo
NotCo’s dairy-free milk is features unexpected ingredients like cabbage, pineapple and chicory root. (Source: NotCo)

“The patent covers applications ranging from deep analysis and understanding of animal and plant-based food using proprietary databases of ingredients and recipes to find different and unexpected plant combinations for target products, and this is only the beginning,” commented NotCo co-founder and CTO Karim Pichara.

It’s behind NotCo’s popular range of plant-based alternatives, which so far includes vegan-friendly milk, burgers, ice cream and mayonnaise. They claim it makes them the only food tech aiming to disrupt unsustainable meat, dairy and egg consumption at the same time. 

NotCo’s range includes egg-less mayonnaise. (Source: NotCo)

The unique ingredients featured in its products such as chicory root fibre, cabbage and pineapple juice – credited to the formulas that Giuseppe comes up with – has won the startup huge investment attention from the likes of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and global private equity firm L Catterton. NotCo’s impressive US$85 million Series C brought its valuation up to US$250 million

This patent really puts us ahead of the curve in the market.

Matias Muchnick, Co-Founder & CEO, NotCo

Giuseppe itself was developed by NotCo’s unique team from different sectors, ranging from food scientists and culinary chefs to engineers and designers, who all work together to continuously provide feedback and improve the program. While the company is headquartered in Santiago, the machine learning team is based in San Francisco. 

Vegan-friendly ice cream developed using NotCo’s patented AI technology. (Source: NotCo)

Speaking about the patent, NotCo co-founder and CEO Matias Muchnick said: “I’m a firm believer that the introduction of a new technology is the only way to solve a broken system. The food industry is obsolete and artificial intelligence is one of the keys to unveil a whole new world of possibilities.” 

“This patent really puts us ahead of the curve in the market,” Muchnick added, emphasising it’ll give the company an edge when it comes to innovating and growing its product portfolio. 

According to the startup, in the short-term, the patent is central to its plans to enter a number of new markets, with Mexico and Canada first up on the cards. NotCo recently entered the U.S. market, launching nationwide at retail giants Walmart and Whole Foods, following the Chilean company’s expansion to Brazil, Argentina and Columbia. 

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