Rethinking Al Desko: How FoodPanda Helps You Stay Healthy At Work

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Up until recently, food delivery in Hong Kong has conjured images of greasy pizza, fried chicken wings and soggy French fries not to mention websites that don’t work, awkward phone ordering and up to 2-hour-long waits. Thanks to Foodpanda, all of that has changed! Foodpanda is a tech-forward food delivery company that is focused on creating an optimal food delivery customer experience. From their extremely well-designed app to their incredibly helpful customer service team to their massive selection (think hundreds of options) to their fantastic Hong Kong food blog Foodpanda Magazine,  Foodpanda is the ideal choice for busy Hong Kongers looking to stay fit this January and beyond. Foodpanda now offers an array of super healthy eateries that can be at your door/desk in 30 minutes or less! Yes really! Honestly staying healthy at work is hard. Who has time to make a packed lunch when you come home exhausted at 10pm? Let Foodpanda help you keep your new year’s resolutions this year- just download their app and you are good to go. Below, we highlight some of the fabulous restaurants they work with, all of which are focused on clean, nourishing and healthy eating.


Nosh: Take Away With A Clean Twist

Most of us are fans of Secret Ingredient‘s gourmet dinner meal kits so it’s no surprise to learn that the dream team behind SI has launched Nosh, a new take on take away! The ethos here is healthy + high protein + sustainably sourced ingredients + a whole lotta greens in a one bowl powerhouse. The Nosh menu is absolutely packed with gym-bunny friendly fare, think Grass Fed Beef Burrito Bowl with Avocado, Brown Rice, and Cabbage, Roasted Salmon with Couscous and Vegetables and US Free Range Chicken Breast with Lemon Grass Brown Rice and Sriracha Sauce– perfect for those of us who need to pack in the nutrition before we hit Crossfit after the office.


The Herbivores: Gourmand Vegetarians

The Herbivores have established a name for themselves for their gastronomic-forward-meets-casual-cafe take on vegetarian food. For those days when you want to push your culinary boundaries further whilst keeping it plant-based, The Herbivores fits the bill. Their grilled Portobello Steak served with walnut Brussel sprouts, baby carrot, cherry tomato, asparagus and truffle mash is a triumph of healthy decadence. If you are veggie-crazy, then give their Grilled Whole Pepper stuffed with organic quinoa, diced carrots, kidney bean and tomato sauce, served with okra skewers a try. They also offer lighter options such as Veggie Skewers, Zucchini Rolls and Green Sundays Salad.


Zumufi HK: Perfect Paninis & Superfood Smoothies

July 2017 Update: Zumufi has now closed down.

Zumufi HK takes the sandwich and soft drink pairing and healthifies it right up. The cafe’s formula is deliciously simple: paninis and smoothies made with the very best ingredients (though they also have fabulous salad boxes). Their smoothies are oh so yum and packed with health foods like coconut and almond milk- we especially love their OMJ: mango, banana, almond milk, coconut water, orange juice, oats and coconut palm nectar (that’s right, the good kind of sweetener!)- it’s got everything you need to keep your energy levels high all day. Couple it with their Viet Banh aka a Banh Mi x Panini fusion affair, and lunch is sorted! Zumufi have more serious smoothies too, for the more superfood inclined,  with additions like spirulina or maca or camu camu. Plus their Turmeric Latte (almond milk, turmeric, ginger and honey) is comfort in a cup.


Other great options from Foodpanda to stay healthy at work this January:

  • The wraps from MANA! Fast Slow Food (our favourite is the Mana Me with kale, garlicnaise, halloumi and avocado- seriously addictive! Don’t forget: MANA just launched brand new gluten-free flats so the wheat-free amongst us can rest easy.
  • Locofama Express‘s Oolong Tea Soba with Pan Fried Organic Tofu with chia seeds, sesame seeds, mushrooms and cucumber. Add a soup to make it a Fama Boxed Set (we recommend the Creamy Cauliflower).
  • Anything with kale from KALE. Our preferred pairing: their Sole Fillet with Brown Rice and Kale plus a Kail Juice (cold pressed cucumber, kale, mint and apple).

Images courtesy of Nosh by Secret Ingredient, Locofama, The Herbivores, Zumufi HK and Kale. 

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