TiNDLE Plant-Based Chicken Expands Into 350 Morrisons Stores Across the U.K.

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As Singapore’s plant-based chicken brand TiNDLE continues its rapid global expansion, the Next Gen Foods’ brand announces a new placement.

The Next Gen Foods brand TiNDLE is expanding its presence in the U.K. by rolling out its vegan burgers and nuggets in more than 350 Morrisons stores and online through Mighty Plants.

‘Widespread consumer demand’

Next Gen Foods says TiNDLE’s accelerated expansion is due in large part to “widespread consumer demand and affinity for its new plant-based chicken products”.

The company also commissioned a survey which found that 68 percent of people in the U.K. believe plant-based meals will become more widely accepted within the next five years.

Following what was a banner year for the startup that only launched in 2021, TiNDLE announced the launch of its Tenders last December. It kicked off 2023 with a large Germany roll out, now available in nearly 4,000 Edeka stores.

tindle tenders
TiNDLE adds chicken tenders to its lineup | Courtesy

It also added former Impossible Foods executive Jared Umsted, who took up the SVP of Foodservice role for the U.S. market. late last year.

Umsted served in a similar role as the Senior Vice President of Sales at Elohi Strategic Advisors where he managed TiNDLE’s relationship with the platform, working to scale TiNDLE’s foodservice partnerships. Prior to that, he worked for Ronnoco Coffee, vegan meat giant Impossible Foods, as well as Daring — the vegan chicken brand that recently partnered with Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker.

“The quality, versatility and scalability of the offerings is unprecedented in the plant-based industry and one of the reasons that drove me to joining TiNDLE in-house,” Umsted said. “The adoption of new and cutting-edge technology at Next Gen –  while simultaneously adapting to the growing and shifting demands from consumers – sets us up well for competing at a global scale in the plant-based industry.”

Plant-based chicken

TiNDLE has become a leader in the plant-based chicken space. Last February, TiNDLE raised a record-setting $100 million Series A for plant-based chicken before it had even launched in the U.S.

It has since expanded its restaurant placement with more than 1,500 restaurants across the globe serving TiNDLE. It has placement with more than 100 national distributors in the U.S.

TiNDLE Veggie Grill
TiNDLE chicken burgers launched at Veggie Grill in 2022 | Courtesy

The company says its chef-created chicken is versatile and allows for “endless dish possibilities”. It’s now using 3D scanning and printing technology to enhance its R&D and integrate feedback from its growing roster of chefs.

Its new tenders are part of its expansion plans, delivering similar taste and texture to its other pre-breaded products. It says they can be ready in less than five minutes — going from freezer to fryer.


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