Tokyo-Based Next Meats Of Plant-Based Yakiniku Fame Debuts Their Vegan Kalbi In Singapore

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Food-tech firm and makers of the world’s first plant-based yakiniku meats, Next Meats has partnered with Japanese restaurant Aburi-EN to debut in Singapore and will use the brand’s NEXT Kalbi (short rib) in two of its meal offerings.

Japanese plant-based meat company Next Meats has launched its first overseas market with a menu collaboration in Singapore with Japanese chain restaurant Aburi-EN, marking the first time an alternative protein firm from Japan is offerings its products in the Lion City. The partnerships marks a first for Aburi-EN as well, who are showcasing plant-based offerings on its menus for the first time, in order to cater to the rising demand for plant-based meats in Singapore.

Next Meats’ first product was a plant-based burger patty and its second product a plant-based version of yakiniku, the popular Japanese beef cut usually served barbecued or grilled beef atop rice. Next Meats offers two versions: harami and kalbi.

For the Singapore launch, the NEXT Kalbi is being used which is mostly created with soy protein and has twice the amount of protein and just half the fats than conventional meat. The product doesn’t have any cholesterol and is completely chemical-free.

Stamina Karubi Teishoku. Source: Next Meats

There will be two menu offerings for customers to choose from, the Kalbi Don Set with the Kalbi served grilled and accompanied with Japanese steamed rice and the homemade umami sauce, priced at S$13.80 (approx. US$10); the other dish is the Stamina Teishoku with stir-fried Kalbi and along with Okinawan cabbage and eggs. Sides include Japanese steamed rice, salad, pickles and miso soup, with the full meal priced at S$15.80 (approx. US$11.89).

While Next Meats is expanding internationally, other regional and international players are turning their sights on Japan. For instance, Hong Kong-based Green Monday launched its plant-based pork mince product OmniMeat across several Tokyo restaurants and outlets earlier this year and Israel-based Aleph Farms has partnered with the food industry arm of Mitsubishi to debut its cultivated meat in the country- the food tech will create whole-muscle steaks, with the latter involved in the distribution process.

Japan’s very own renowned ramen chain Ippudo unveiled a vegan version of its ramen in its home country, proof of the massive alternative protein wave that is taking Japan by storm.

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The new vegan meals featuring NEXT Kalbi will be available from April to July 2021 in all locations of the Aburi-EN chain.

Lead image – Karubi Don with Miso soup set, courtesy of Next Meats.


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