U.S. Plant-Based Fast Food Chain Hires Industry Execs To Fuel Major Expansion Amid Record Sales In 2020

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Plant Power Fast Food, a vegan restaurant chain based in the U.S., has announced that it will be undergoing major expansion in 2021 after what has been a record year for sales amidst the pandemic-driven demand boost. To fuel its growth, the company has added three new executive industry hires to its team, ahead of launching seven new locations in the coming months. 

The California-headquartered plant-based fast food chain has revealed seven new locations slated to open in 2021, bringing its total number of outlets to 14. Most of the new restaurants will be within its home state, including Hollywood, Laguna Hills, Sacramento, San Clemente and two in San Diego, while the chain’s first out-of-state location will be formally announced next year. 

The whole idea of Plant Power Fast Food is to deliver the fun, delicious fast food that people love but with a twist — it’s plant based.

Mitch Wallis, Co-Founder, Plant Power Fast Food

Since its inception in 2016, Plant Power Fast Food has been offering Californian residents 100% plant-based, sustainability-driven meals that satisfies consumers’ cravings. “Consumers can make a difference in the world by simply decreasing their consumption of meat and dairy and making healthier plant-based choices,” explains co-founder Mitch Wallis. 

“The whole idea of Plant Power Fast Food is to deliver the fun, delicious fast food that people love but with a twist — it’s plant based.”

Plant Power Fast Food’s expansion news comes after the company reported record-breaking growth over the past year, as the coronavirus pandemic drives more mainstream consumers towards healthier, safer and sustainable food options

According to the brand, its net sales in 2020 alone are forecast to hit US$14 million, representing nearly a 50% year-on-year increase and a 1,173% growth since the company’s founding

“The interest in a full plant-based menu in the fast food segment continues to skyrocket and we’re excited that so many new guests continue to flock to our restaurants each month,” commented co-founder Jeffrey Harris. It is likely that this trend will continue well into the future, given the latest data reporting that the majority of first-time purchasers of plant-based foods plan to continue doing so even after the pandemic subsides

Interest in a full plant-based menu in the fast food segment continues to skyrocket.

Jeffrey Harris, Co-Founder, Plant Power Fast Food

To fuel the chain’s growth, Plant Power Fast Food announced three new hires, including Dan Lowe as the director of operations, who previously oversaw Chipotle’s operations across multiple territories in the U.S.; former Hard Rock Café and Yum! manager and trainer Rita Ugarte to lead new restaurant openings; and Fabian Cervantes as the director of human resources, who will bring in his experience managing the HR department at the U.S. Navy, Goodwill, and San Ysidro Health.

“We started this company as three individuals on a journey to create the future of fast food, however we always knew we would be hiring seasoned, passionate and proven executives to realise our market share goals,” said Zach Vouga, co-founder of Plant Power Fast Food. 

Lead image courtesy of Plant Power Fast Food.


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