Foodtech Startup Beet Launches Delivery App to Make Plant-Based Eating Switch Easier

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YOUR BEET, a female-founded platform and app from Melbourne, aims to make plant-based eating simple and wants to support consumers that are looking to align with climate-friendly ideas. Personal and planetary health are given priority, with users able to order nutritionally balanced food direct from an app. The startup recently closed a successful SEK 6 million funding round but have not shared details on investors involved.

The YOUR BEET app has been designed to create weekly meal plans to assist in the transition to a more plant-based diet. Users can customise their plans by updating their taste preferences and nutritional needs. Family plans will be available to maximise households’ positive environmental impacts. The 2020 bushfires in Australia motivated the founding team to create a solution that helps consumers actively fight climate change.

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An appetite for better living

YOUR BEET is a response to a growing willingness amongst the general population to eat more plant-based foods. It accounts for the confusion that a new diet can bring. “Many people want to eat more plant-based foods and reduce their meat consumption,” Anastasia Trofimova, CEO and co-founder told Breakit. “It can be difficult to find inspiration for what to cook, how to do it and what ingredients are needed. It’s also difficult to ensure that you get all the nutrition you need, such as iron and omega 3, when you change your diet.”

The new app claims to take all the guesswork out of meat reduction, with e-commerce built-in for convenience. It will be a premium subscription service with users paying to use it. Food suppliers will partner with YOUR BEET to deliver weekly shopping, in line with personalised recommendations. To date, no suppliers have been confirmed, although negotiations are said to be in progress. 

A hybrid solution

YOUR BEET appears to be a new take on a number of established models. It brings food delivery and personalised nutrition together making it reminiscent of subscription services such as Hello Fresh. The climate-change focus adds in Evocco-style awareness for users as well. The one-stop combination of plant-based food and climate cognisance is what Trofimova thinks will create demand. “There is an appetite in the market for this type of service. So now we will build the product and quickly scale up internationally,” she said.

Recent funding will be used to scale the app’s potential, with a larger team build-out being given priority. Currently, the company is has give employees and they are actively recruiting. The company acknowledges that there is a need to bring more women into the entrepreneurial world, both as employees and founders. “I hope that more women will start their own. The capital is out there and I really want to encourage more women and girls to dare to take the step. It is really needed to get a more even distribution between men and women in the startup sphere,” Trofimova commented.

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Plant-based shopping to the door

A plant-based delivery revolution is in progress. New companies are springing up across the globe to make eating less meat simple and convenient. In the UK, London-based Planty recently secured €770,000 to expand into Europe. The direct-to-consumer vegan meal delivery service is increasing its range of healthy frozen meals and snacks.

Meanwhile, in Singapore, Insane Meals has launched. The company delivers healthy frozen meals which are all plant-based and mostly gluten-free. It features big names from the alternative protein world including OmniPork and Impossible Foods.

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