Plant-Based Christmas: 12 Vegan Recipes For Your Festive Dinner

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There are so many reasons to adopt a plant-based diet, whether it is to reduce your carbon footprint, save animals or for your health. But going plant-based doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on a delicious Christmas dinner. Here are 12 mouth-watering vegan recipes to bookmark for the ultimate cruelty-free feast that even the omnis in your family will love!

Vegan Nut Roast

All you need are root veggies, mushrooms, grains, nuts and herbs – combine them to make a delicious and stunning centrepiece for your dinner. 

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Vegan Gravy 

This super easy recipe for plant-based gravy to go with your roast dinner is “just as good as the real thing,” said the man Jamie Oliver himself. 

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Sizzled Sprouts With Pistachios & Pomegranate 

Who said plant-based sides that are healthy had to be boring? 

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Lentil, Roast Beetroot & Baby Carrot Salad

Another healthy but hearty side to make up a wholesome plant-based Christmas dinner! 

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Vegan Mince Pies 

Of course, mince pies have to make the list for every Christmas party! Finger-lickin’ good. 

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Mushroom Wellington

Portobello mushrooms take centre stage here in this vegan spin on the classic beef wellington. 

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Chestnut, Mushroom & Squash Christmas Filo Wreath Pie

Mushrooms taking the spotlight again, this time with chestnuts and squash – how festive and 100% plant-based!

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Maple, Cinnamon, Cranberry & Pear Sauce

We all love our sauces, especially during Christmas time. This is a festive favourite, sweet and tangy and so easy to whip up. No need to ever buy the ready-made version!

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Vegan Pot Pie With Sage Crust

This is so next level! Veggies, savoury sauce and a flaky crust made entirely with plant ingredients. Secret ingredient? Coconut oil!

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Stuffed Mini Pumpkins

These look incredible on any Christmas dinner spread. Stuffed with nutty wild rice and shredded brussels sprouts (or any veggies and grains you like), baked to perfection. 

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Sugar-Free Vegan Stracciatella Gelato

Want to challenge yourself a little bit? Impress the crowd with this entirely sugar-free and vegan gelato recipe. 

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Gluten-Free & Vegan Christmas Pudding

So moist, so boozy, fragrant with spices, easy to make, and importantly vegan-friendly! Bonus: gluten-free folk can indulge too!

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Lead image courtesy of We Are So Vegan.

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