How to Make the Most of Your Vegan Holiday Dinner Leftovers

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Need a little vegan holiday dinner leftover inspiration? From the Friends‘ “moist maker” sandwich to DIY pierogies, try these delicious plant-based ideas.

So you ate too many Christmas cookies and didn’t save an appetite for Christmas dinner. It happens to the best of Santa’s elves. Don’t toss the roast and sides just yet though! Here’s how to give those leftovers new life.

1. The roast, retooled

Left with a bit of a vegan turkey roast? Don’t throw it to the dog. Use it just like you would any other turkey. Cube up the meat and make a big pot of turkey noodle soup.


Was your roast stuffed? Maybe it was a wellington or a vegan meatloaf? You can freeze some of it for the next festive occasion. Or try slicing it up thin and making sandwiches. There’s always the Friends-inspired “moist maker”. Try this one from the folks at Bosh.

A fun way to use up that roast ham is to cube it up and throw it into an omelet or a frittata for an umami breakfast. Or try crumbling up your veggie ham or turkey into mince and adding to your favorite tacos or burritos.

2. Sides so many ways

The destinations for your leftover sides run the gamut. For veggies like Brussels sprouts, greens, beans, or broccoli—there are countless options here. They can go into veggie stir-fry, Indian or Thai style curries, add to pasta with a good bit of garlic and pepper for a simple veggie-centered dish.

Chop them up and drench them in a vinaigrette marinade for a simple chopped salad.

Vegetables also make great additions to vegan omelets or tofu scramble. You can even smash them into that Bosh sandwich for an extra festive dish.

3. Potatoes for days

Mashed, cubed, sweet, or white, leftover potatoes are far more versatile than you may think! Reserve some for the moist maker sandwich, but there are lots of other yummy ways to use them, too.

Try making potato pancakes with your mash. You can mix sweet potato, yam, and white potato, or keep them separate. Add a cup of mash to your favorite vegan potato pancake recipe for a dense and delicious take on the classic.

Connoisseur veg

You can also run your mash through your waffle maker for a crisp fry-like treat you can top with vegan fried chicken (or more of that holiday roast) for a simple, yummy lunch or side. These are also great with veggies and gravy.

Thin out your mash and turn them into crepes! This is a simple and fun way to extend the life of your potatoes. And, of course, you can fill them up with the rest of your leftovers. Try this recipe.

If you’re feeling rejuvenated by the holiday fun, spend some time turning your mash into gnocchi, the Italian potato pasta. Or try your hand at making Polish pierogies. You can fill these little pillows of goodness with a bit of gravy and veggies too for a really yummy dish. Just be sure that no matter what you fill them with, you sauté up your pierogies with lots of onion and vegan butter.

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