Stay Cheezy: We Are ‘Nuts’ About These 6 Artisanal Hong Kong Plant-Based Cheesemakers

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While we do have some great commercial brands available locally (Daiya, Miyoko, Follow Your Heart, Sheese, MozzaRisella), the entire Green Queen team personally loves the local, artisan vegan cheese offerings and of late, Hong Kong’s fermented nut and seed cheese scene is really lit! Below, we showcase 6 plant-based brands to build your ultimate fromage board with.

Garden Hill Plant-Based

Garden Hill Vegan Plant-based Cheeses Hong Kong
Source: Garden Hill

Chef Jan Yeung’s new brand brings in local flair and passion to the art of dairy production to create an entire range of vegan dairy products, from mayo spreads to pepper jack cheese and butter.

Unlike many other plant-based brands on the market – most of them imported from the U.S. and Europe that tend to be cashew and coconut-heavy – many of Garden Hill’s products incorporate a distinctly local and beloved ingredient: tofu.

Yeung worked in several kitchens before joining plant-based chef Peggy Chan at Grassroots Pantry and later Nectar, where she got really excited about the idea of using traditional culinary techniques and applying them to plant-based dishes, thus taking her on a journey to create her own line of locally made plant-based alternatives.

What: small daily batches of cream cheese, butter, mayo, truffle mayo, pepper jack cheese, mozzarella, sharp cheese (think cheddar).

How to order: through their website to have it shipped directly to you.

Price: starting from HKD 65.

Happy Plantarian

Vegan Cheezes Happy Plantarian Hong Kong
Source: Happy Plantarian

When sisters Althea & Tansy Tan realised the effects dairy has on humans, they decided to do something about it, creating alternatives for what people crave the most when giving up diary: cheese.

Happy Plantarian creates artisan vegan cheeses cultured in the same way dairy cheeses are made. Their cheeses are nut or seed-based, include organic soybeans and contain little to no oil.

The Tan sisters also offer nutrition-based programs as well as whole food plant-based cooking & baking classes that will enable people to create delicious plant meals at home, delight family and friends and help them stay healthy and fit.

We’ve got a full article about the sisters’ best tips to create a cheese platter because there is nothing more meaningful than meals to share. All cultures have one of some form! Call it tapas, hotpot, fondue or the platter we’re proposing- the point is creamy, cheese goodness.

What: French Brie, Sharp Cheddar, Chevre, Gruyere, Gouda, Italian Burrata, Mozzarella, Parmesan Cheeze, a Savoury and Sweet Cream Cheeze series, Parmesan Powder Blue Cheeze and Cheeze Bombs.

How to order: contact Happy Plantarian at + 852 6545 1996 (Whatsapp) or

Price: starting from HKD 180.


Nuteese Vegan Cheese Hong Kong
Source: Nuteese

As Nuteese founder puts it, “Everyone’s challenge in becoming vegan is letting go of cheese.”

Former yoga teacher Amy Elkhoury never imagined she would be starting a plant-based cheese brand in the bustling city of Hong Kong. But launch she did and her cheeses are not to be missed. Rumour has it, the brie rind is easily mistakable for real brie. Just kidding, far from an urban legend, we can attest it is true!

Nutesse offers Hongkongers handcrafted, fermented and activated nut-based gourmet cheeze made from mainly activated cashews. How? The cheeze is aged and monitored in a cellar 20 days to achieve the perfect conditions. Just like regular cheese! Hence the famous rind.

What: Cam Meets Brie (Camembrie), Smokey Cheddar, Sundried Tomato Aged Cashew Cheeze, Black Truffle Aged Cashew Cheeze, Hot N’ Smokey Aged Cashew Cheeze, Labneh, Mozzarella Balls .

How to order: place your order through WhatsApp at +852 92677886 or on the Nuteese website.

Price: starting from HKD 115.

Ma… and the seeds of life

Chef Tina Barrat Ma And The Seeds Of Life Vegan Plant-based Cheeses Hong Kong
Source: Ma… And The Seeds Of Life

Chef Tina Barrat’s artisan vegan cheese wheels are well-known in the Hong Kong plant-based community and you can now find her incredible and nourishing fermented nut creations at the deli of her newly opened restaurant Ma…and the seeds of life.

Chef Tina’s cheezes are all dairy-free and gluten-free.

What: Herbed Fermented Cashew Cheeze, Cream Cashew Cheeze, Fresh Almond Ricotta, Almond Feta, Almond No Goat Cheeze Log, Sharp Cheddar, Brie, Shamenbert, NGorgonzola, Mozzatina, Moon & Earth Munster.

How to order: join this whatsapp group to order and have your cheezes delivered to a specific location or order directly at the deli of her Central location: Shop 11, First Floor, H18 CONET, 23 Graham Street, Centralopen Monday-Sunday from 12PM to 10PM.

BONUS: if you opt for dine-in, you can enjoy a plant-based cheeze platter paired with a biodynamic vegan wine, sake or non-alcoholic wine. There’s even a melty plant-based cheese fondue to share!

Price: starting from HKD 60.

La Taula 

La Taula Vegan Cheeses Hong Kong
Source: La Taula

La Taula doesn’t just work on offering nutritious gourmet vegan cheeses and crackers, they are also 100% committed to reducing packaging. You are going to love this: their artisanal cheeses come in ceramic dishes that can be served directly to your table. The ceramic dishes can be later to La Taula to be reused. 

Kanch, the founder and cheesemaker, is a raw plant-based chef on a mission to offer guilt-free indulgence foods that are, above all, wholesome and healthy.

All La Taula’s cheeses have a base of cashews and probiotics. 

What: Smoky Spicy Cheddar, Cashew Miso Cheese, Seaweed Truffle Cheese Spread, Creamy Coriander Mint Chutney Cheese, Cashew Sriracha Flavoured Wheel.

How to order: directly from

Price: starting from HKD 250.

Bella Cucina

Bella Cucina Vegan Plant-based Cheeses Hong Kong
Source: Bella Cucina

Bella Cucina offers artisanal cheeses with unique blends that bring innovative flavours and although they do offer traditional cheeses, they have vegan options available for all their flavours. 

What: plant-based cheeses (upon request) with a variety of flavours inclyding Peach & Mango, Jalapeño Popper, Spianata Calabra, Berry Mix, Delizia Alle Olive, Everything Bagel, Truffle Luxe. 

How to order: through their Facebook page or Whatsapp + 852 9035 1158. 

Price: starting from HKD 85.

Lead image courtesy of Ma… And The Seeds Of Life.


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