Clive’s Pies Expands Range With World’s First Ready-To-Eat Vegan Quiche Lorraine

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Clive’s Pies, one of the pioneering British brands in the plant-based and “free from” category, has just launched two new products, including what it bills as the world’s first Vegan Quiche Lorraine, as well as a Creamy Cauliflower Quiche. Launched at British retail giant Waitrose, the new 100% plant-based and organic quiches come in plastic-free packaging, as consumers turn to products delivering on both sustainability and ethics.

Legacy plant-based and organic pie brand Clive’s has just launched two new products into supermarket chain Waitrose – a Vegan Quiche Lorraine containing smoky maple cured tempeh pieces, paprika and marjoram in a shortcrust pastry case, and a Creamy Cauliflower Quiche filled with kale, garlic and turmeric. According to the brand, it’s the world’s first completely animal-free quiche lorraine, a traditional French tart dish made with savoury custard and lardons or bacon. 

“Clive’s have been at the forefront of plant-based innovation for 30 years and we are delighted to be leading the way once again with these vegan quiche,” commented Esther Pearson, managing director at Clive’s Pies. “Our clever Clive’s team have perfected the recipes and we are very proud of the results.”

Clive’s has just launched two new products into supermarket chain Waitrose (Source: Clive’s Pies)

Our clever Clive’s team have perfected the recipes and we are very proud of the results.

Esther Pearson, Managing Director, Clive’s Pies

Both products are 100% plant-based and made primarily from soy, wheat flour, vegetable oils and natural flavourings like black salt or kala namak, and okara, which it describes as the “secret ingredient” to the texture of its egg replacement. They will be available for an affordable price of £2 (US$2.78) per 165-gram serving across all Waitrose brick-and-mortar shops and via its online store, as well as in independent retailers in the coming months. 

By virtue of being completely plant-based, containing no egg, meat or dairy, both quiches are far less carbon-intensive than their conventional counterparts, given the enormous footprint associated with animal agriculture. But Clive’s says that it has taken a step further to reduce its environmental impact with its 100% recyclable and plastic-free packaging, a move aligned with its broad strategy to lower emissions. 

The expansion of Clive’s range comes amid surging plant-based sales across the U.K. and around the world as conscious consumers double up on their ethical and eco-friendly purchases, especially on convenient vegan ready meals and foods that can be enjoyed at home while dine-in remains mostly off the cards for consumers due to the pandemic. 

Clive’s has offered consumers a range of plant-based and free-from pies and roasts for over 30 years. (Source: Clive’s Pies)

For British retail giant Waitrose, the uptick in demand has meant that the company is now “always looking for new and exciting dishes to add to our vegan range.”

We’re always looking for new and exciting dishes to add to our vegan range.

Charlotte McCarthy, Vegan & Vegetarian Category Buyer, Waitrose

“We’re delighted to be the first supermarket to launch these delicious plant-based products from Clive’s,” said Charlotte McCarthy, buyer for Waitrose’s vegan and vegetarian category. “The two new quiches complement our existing vegan selection perfectly, offering our customers a new plant-based option that we’re sure they’ll love.”

Other convenient plant-based food brands in the U.K. have also benefited from the significant growth in demand in recent months, such as Norfolk-based One Planet Pizza whose 100% plant-based frozen pizza range has recently bagged funding to triple its existing production capacity and begin delivering its pies across Scandinavia too.

Meanwhile, food delivery platform Deliveroo revealed a whopping 115% increase in the number of vegan food orders amongst British consumers since November 2019. 

All images courtesy of Clive’s Pies.


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