Hong Kong’s DayDayCook Partners With Nestlé on Shelf-Stable Vegan Meal Range

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Hong Kong-based DayDayCook and Harvest Gourmet, Nestlé’s strategic brand, have joined forces to create a new range of plant-based meal options.

The new collaboration brings to market a line of shelf-stable products that incorporate Harvest Gourmet’s vegan ingredients sourced domestically. DayDayCook has traditionally focused on meal delivery kits for the home chef.

“I am super excited to see this collection launch and come to life,” Norma Chu, Founder and CEO of DayDayCook, said in a statement.

‘Special yet accessible’

The focus of the new vegan meat product range is to create something “special yet accessible” DayDayCook says. “We want to wow [customers] and bring them back to the fundamental of eating delicious and healthy meals with a dash of nostalgia for flavor.”

According to the company, the partnership with the Nestlé R+D Accelerator worked to develop foods that will resonate in a positive way with the Chinese audience as well as create a buzz within the plant-based market.

“We have been so honored to have the privilege of working with Nestlé, the largest food company in the world,” DayDayCook said. “During this process, we tried the full range of [plant-based meat] ingredients produced domestically by Nestlé  China. With such a strong root in R&D, we were impressed by how much variety of plant-based ingredients were readily available. Then, we took it upon ourselves to create the most delicious and easy-to-make meal kits with these Harvest Gourmet ingredients.”

float foods eggs
Float Foods’ OnlyEg looks, cooks, and tastes like chicken eggs | Courtesy

Last December, Singapore’s Float Foods, known for its egg replacement OnlyEg, partnered with DayDayCook to bring its vegan egg to its Hong Kong consumer base.

“People have enjoyed the experience of cooking and eating at home but are also hard-pressed for time and energy. The OnlyEg Meal Kits offer the chance to elevate the dining experience by introducing clean, contemporary, healthy meals,” Norma Chu, Founder, and CEO of DayDayCook, said in a statement. “Eating a healthy protein-rich meal should be accessible to everyone and bring a sense of celebration at the same time.”


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