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Absolute Sanctuary (Thailand)

Detox and yoga spa retreat in Koh Samui.

88 Moo 5, Tambol Bophut, Amphur
+66 77 601 190
Abundant Wellness

It is a Hong Kong based Music Therapy for individual or group services, with specialty in Focused Music Imagery, GIM, expressive arts with specialty in FOAT, as well as providing Parent Infant Massage Instructors program.
我們主要的目的是在香港, 推廣全人身心靈健康,採用音樂治療/想像, 表達藝術治療, 及國際嬰兒按床摩 等

2102 Workingfield Commercial Building, 408-412 Jaffe Road
+852 9016 3631
Acai Brotherhood

Brazilian acai powder in freeze-dried form. Order via Whatsapp or email.


Flat D3, 7/F, Supreme Industrial Building, 15-17 Shan Mei Street
+852 9332 4013
Accro Coffee

Accro Coffee is an artisanal coffee shop featuring single origin coffees.  It also sells a selection of coffee accessories including roasters.



Shop 10, G/F, Fu Loy Garden, 7 Ma Wang Road
+852 9430 1433
AcquaVibe (Previously Beyond 02)

Acquavibe offers US-made water filters for both home and commercial use. Residential version come in both installed, under the sink, and uninstalled, counter top,  varieties.



Unit B, 4/F, Gough Plaza, 33 Gough Street
+852 6033 3759

Acti-Tape is Hong Kong's very own non-medicated sports tape, made for everyone from professional athletes to amateur runners. The tape is flexible and breathable, it also helps with pain relief and joint/muscle stabilization. It is the perfect replacement for any joint guards. It also naturally promotes healing by promoting blood flow.

Acti-Tape 活力肌腱貼用途廣泛應用至保護肌肉關節以預防受傷,減輕腫脹,減輕痛楚及促進傷患康復等用途。透過獨特的施貼方法,活力肌腱貼有助促進身體自然康復機能,同時亦能支撐及穩定肌肉與關節,其高度伸縮性,用者於貼後仍能進行全方位的活動,運動時更靈活自如,讓運動員發揮得更淋漓盡致。

+852 2311 7511
Action Sport Academy

Action Sport Academy is a fitness studio offering personal training, Muay Thai and Wing Chun classes.

+852 2572 8368

Hong Kong classifieds with great selection of second-hand/used furniture and furnishings.


Phone not listed