Oodaalolly Taps Perfect Day’s Whey for ‘Mushroom Milk’ Chocolate

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Oodaalolly Chocolate, known for its premium Philippine-sourced cacao, has partnered with precision fermentation leader, Perfect Day, to launch a new product: Mushroom Milk Chocolate.

The partnership between the two California-based brands is the latest chocolate collaboration for Perfect Day, which recently partnered with Mars to offer milk chocolate made with dairy-identical precision fermentation.

Mushroom milk chocolate

Unlike traditional milk chocolate, this Swiss-style chocolate is made using “mushroom milk” – a protein derived from Trichoderma reesei, a fungus that has been retooled using recombinant DNA technology to reproduce the taste and texture of conventional dairy.

Oodaalolly is using dairy-identical whey in its chocolate | Courtesy

Compared to conventional proteins, the ‘mushroom milk’ emits 97 percent fewer greenhouse gases, consumes 97 percent less surface and groundwater, and uses 60 percent fewer fossil fuels. This makes it a more sustainable alternative to animal-derived milk proteins. By incorporating this protein into their chocolate, Oodaalolly and Perfect Day hope to promote sustainable and equitable food production while eliminating animal suffering.

“This bar embodies our goal to create a fun chocolate that people want to try that also happens to be sustainable, equitable, and delectable,” Hernan Lauber, the founder of Oodaalolly, said in a press statement. “We are putting this ingredient front and center and making it a key component of the future of our company.”

Jeremy Burnich, Oodaalolly co-founder, notes that while the idea of mushroom milk may be new to many people, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. “It’s fun talking about mushroom milk and people seem interested in learning about it,” he said. “It’s a fascinating process, and engaging with communities on social media has been quite rewarding.”

Precision fermentation whey

Perfect Day launched in 2014 and created the world’s first precision-fermented whey protein, which the company debuted in 2020. It can now be found in animal-free ice creams, cream cheese, baked goods, and sports nutrition products across the U.S., Hong Kong, and Singapore.

It has since partnered with leading food giants including Nestlé and General Mills. Unilever looks to be venturing toward a partnership with the brand, too.

cowabunga milk
Nestlé and Perfect Day’s Cowabunga milk is now available in select locations | Courtesy

An ISO-compliant, third-party reviewed life cycle assessment found that Perfect Day’s whey protein reduces blue water consumption by up to 99 percent, greenhouse gas emissions by up to 97 percent, and non-renewable energy use by up to 60 percent, when compared to conventional production methods.

Mushrooms themselves are also gaining recognition for their numerous health benefits. According to Healthline, mushrooms are an excellent source of antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins like B and D. They also contain beta-glucans, which have been shown to support the immune system and may have anti-cancer properties. While the specific health benefits of mushroom milk protein have not been extensively studied, it is likely that it contains some of the same nutrients and compounds found in whole mushrooms.

Burnich says Oodaalolly and Perfect Day say they are creating delicious, sustainable products that benefit both people and the planet. “It’s exciting to be part of a movement that is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in food production.”


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