Plant-Based Meat Shopping 2.0: Guide To Alternative Beef, Chicken & Pork Brands in Hong Kong

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Fancy beefing up taco Tuesday? How about a loaded hotdog with all the toppings, a hearty lasagne, or even a “Spam” musubi in your (reusable) lunchbox? With alt-meat rapidly gaining popularity worldwide, vegans and veg-curious folk now have an abundance of animal-free alternatives to make dinners quick, easy and delicious. Below, we’ve listed all the best global brands to stock in your freezer for those evenings when you are in a plant-based meat pinch and need some extra cruelty-free ‘meaty’ protein. Happy Cooking.

Editor’s Note: all brands are listed alphabetically and all have been tested by team Green Queen.

Source: Alpha Foods

Alpha Foods (US)

Anyone with a kid (or, let’s be honest, anyone who has been a kid) will be familiar with the inexplicable but undeniable allure of a perfectly crisp, golden-breaded chicken nugget. Alpha Foods’ vegan take is GM-free, rich in plant protein and both hormone- and cholesterol-free, meaning that this is one pleasure that’s a little less guilty than you thought.

HK$57.90 per pack. Available from Green Common.

Beyond Meat (US)

Beyond Meat’s range includes sausage patties, burgers and frankfurter-style sausages, however we think its meatless mince has really nailed the format. Versatile and tasty, the Beyond “beefy crumbles” are ideal for stashing in your freezer and are useful for everything from spag bol to tacos. Bonus: this soy, gluten and GM-free ground beef alternative is packed with 14g of protein per serving.

$63.90 per pack. Available from Green Common.

Source: Fry’s

Fry’s (South Africa)

This family-run food brand has been flying the flag for plant-based alternatives since 1991 and estimate that their vegan beef alternatives saved the equivalent of 11,354 cows in 2019. And what better way to celebrate this extraordinary achievement than by indulging in one of their deliciously rich and warming pepper steak pies? Alternatively, Fry’s schnitzels, sausages, hot dogs and burgers are all equally tasty and cruelty-free.

HK$63 per pack. Available from Veg Hamper.

Gardein (Canada)

For the ultimate plant-based treat to accompany the TV sport of your choice, look no further than Gardein’s Sweet ‘n Tangy BBQ Wings. These ridiculously moreish bites are slathered in a sticky, spiced sauce that is ever-so-slightly addictive. Gardein’s extensive alt-meat range includes burgers, sliders, meatballs and crispy tenders – perfect for a plant-based party.

HK$63.90 per pack. Available from Green Common.

Source: Heura

Heura Foods (Spain)

The ideal chicken substitute in curries, fajitas or stir-fries, Heura’s original strips and chunks are great for creating a quick-and-tasty evening meal. Cholesterol-free, low in saturated fat and high in protein, this is an excellent post-workout choice that is light on the stomach but still satisfying. Check out the Mediterranean-style chunks, that are marinated in aromatic nutmeg, cayenne pepper, basil and rosemary for an extra punch of flavour.

HK$56.90 per pack. Available from Green Common

Source: Hungry Planet

Hungry Planet (US)

Available in “pork” or “chicken” varieties, Hungry Planet plant-based mince offers home cooks the opportunity to whip up a delicious selection of dishes with the maximum of flavour and ease. Protein and fibre-rich and low in saturated fat, this is a great option for homemade burgers, nuggets and patties.

HK$188 per pack. Available at Southstream Market.

Source: Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods (US)

Hong Kong’s plant-based revolution is gaining so much momentum that even the major grocery players are finally sitting up and paying attention. ParknShop now stock Impossible Beef, bringing this plant-based mince to the masses and making it easier than ever to grab-and-go with your vegan essentials after a long day. Use anywhere that you’d usually use ground beef, it makes for a particularly delicious and winter warming cottage pie.

HK$89.90. Available from ParknShop.

Source: Naturli

Naturli (Denmark)

This Danish brand have created a full range of delicious alt-meat products, including chicken-style strips, plant-based mince and burger patties, that can be seamlessly subbed into your go-to dishes. We love the pea-based sausages, which are packed with protein, fibre and B and C vitamins and come in 50% recycled packaging.

HK$89 per pack. Available from Eat The Kiwi.

Source: Green Monday

Omni Foods (Hong Kong SAR)

Omni Foods have quickly become the go-to brand for pork substitutes that are indistinguishable from the real thing, with a rapidly-expanding range that includes the now world famous Omnipork (plant-based pork mince), ready foods (think dumplings and ready meals), Omnipork Strip (similar to pork strips, great for stirfrys). But it’s the OmniPork Luncheon that’s sparked a wave of nostalgia for the type of Spam-based dishes that Hong Kongers hold dear. Serve over instant noodles for a delicious cha chaan teng-style breakfast or fried for a snack.

HK$48 per pack. Available from Green Common.

Source: Phuture Foods

Phuture Foods (Malaysia)

Another worthy pork substitute comes from Malaysian Phuture Foods, whose plant-based meat was created with Asian cooking in mind. At 80% lower in fat than its meat counterpart, Phuture’s pork-style mince is ideal for stuffing into dumplings and baos, shaping into patties, or stirring into your favourite spicy noodle dishes.

HK$98 per pack or $88.20 for members. Available from Vegelink.

All images as credited, lead image courtesy of Green Monday.


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