Sainsbury’s Debuts New Vegan Patisserie Range Across U.K. Stores

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British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has launched a new range of vegan patisserie cakes across its U.K. stores. A number of food Instagram accounts had teased the news on the social media platform days ago, showcasing the new line-up of cakes including a strawberry mini loaf, dark chocolate cake and more. 

Sainsbury’s has debuted its new range of plant-based patisserie cakes, which will include flavours such as Deliciously Dark Chocolate Cake, Super Strawberry Mini Loaf, Banana Salted Caramel Loaf and Walnut Mini Loaf. The news was first posted by Vegan Food UK on its Instagram account, as well as plant-based food account Accidentally Vegan UK. Plant Based News also reported on the news. 

While the supermarket giant has yet to confirm to PBN the exact details of the launch and whether more vegan patisserie products will be available to hungry herbivores, the chain has been steadily ramping up its plant-based offerings in recent years to keep up with consumer trends. 

In addition to stocking vegan brands like Alpro, Oumph!, Plant Pioneers and more, Sainsbury’s has also been launching its own-label range of plant-based products. The retailer was named one of the top big food players to have set up their own dedicated teams to develop and introduce new vegan products like ready meals and meat and dairy alternatives in a recent report

Other major players in the U.K. who have been boosting their vegan range includes Tesco, who have pledged a 300% sales target for plant-based meat alternatives, and M&S’ move to launch an innovation hub for plant-based foods in response to offerings in response to skyrocketing demand.

According to market research firm Mintel, the British plant-based market is expected to reach £1.1 billion (US$1.43 billion) within three years time, putting the country ahead of neighbouring markets such as Germany, where plant-based meats are also significantly rising in popularity

Foodservice channels have also been quick to hop on the plant-based trend, with the likes of Wagamamas committing to making at least 50% of its menu meatless by the end of 2021, and food delivery major Deliveroo creating a dedicated vegan category on its platform as plant-based food orders surge triple-digits across the U.K. 

While Sainsbury’s new vegan patisserie items will only be available to British consumers, as the chain has no international locations with the exception of Ireland, there’s no shortage of vegan desserts for plant-based folk wondering about options in Asia. 

Hong Kong has recently welcomed its first-ever 100% plant-based patisserie Bien Caremelise, serving locals an entire spread of butter- & egg-free traditional French-style pastries, while Japan has seen a whole host of new bakeries and cafés pop up to serve vegan scones, mini cakes and even iconic Japanese-style baked goods like red bean buns and raisin breads. 

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