Subway Has Launched A Meatless Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich In Singapore

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Subway Singapore is now offering a meatless chicken schnitzel patty, made by Nestlé-owned Harvest Gourmet. The patty makes use of a soy protein base with added animal-derived egg whites. The sandwich will be available until January 18 next year across all 50 Subway locations in Singapore.

The meatless chicken schnitzel sandwich is the inaugural alt-protein offering from Subway Singapore. The chain’s standard plant-based options remain on the menu and include the Veggie Delite and Veggie Patty sandwiches popular in markets around the world. 

Subway’s on-off relationship with vegans

Singapore’s new sandwich is not the first time Subway has introduced animal-free chicken. In 2020, the T.L.C. (Tastes Like Chicken) soy meat patty was released across the UK and featured Violife vegan cheese slices. A vegan cookie, a plant-based patty, and a meatless meatball marinara sub are also available. 


In contrast to UK progress, the U.S. market has stalled somewhat. Following a 2019 trial of the vegan meatball marinara made with Beyond Beef, the sandwich was rolled out across Canada where it became a consumer favourite and fans helped give it a permanent place on the menu. But as of today, only the standard sandwiches like the veggie sub, are on the menu. No information was made available as to the results of the trial.

The plant-based future

Subway was accused of having no fish in its tuna earlier this year, a claim that as yet has not been validated. Two customers took umbrage at what they deemed to be entirely fish-free sandwiches being passed off as containing seafood, and took Subway to court. This sparked a subsequent PR stunt by U.S. alt seafood company Good Catch; it gave out vegan tuna sandwiches made with its plant-based fish outside Subway branches. The goal was to educate consumers that no fish is good, accurately labeled or otherwise. Good Catch recently launched into Singapore.

In a cease and desist letter to Good Catch, Subway wrote: “Subway is not surprised that your company believes that consumers want environmentally friendly food options,” before revealing that the chain will be “adding more plant-based options to its menus to meet growing consumer demand for meat-free alternatives.”

As a result of the Good Catch stunt, Subway announced plans to launch more plant-based menu options, though how the term is defined is still in question. With the Singapore schnitzel, confusion could arise as a result of egg whites in the patty. 

In contrast to Subway’s non-vegan plant-based sandwich, 7-Eleven has maintained a reliable presence throughout Singapore. the convenience store chain has partnered with Impossible to offer a range of clearly marked vegan-friendly gran-and-go options.

Subs made with the meatless chicken schnitzel are priced at S$7.50 for a six-inch and S$12.50 for a footlong and are available now.

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