With Its First Whole Cut Vegan Chicken, TiNDLE Sees ‘Unlimited Potential’

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Singapore-based vegan meat brand TiNDLE has announced TrueCut, its first whole-cut plant-based chicken product, with what it says is the same taste, texture, and experience as whole-cut meat.

TiNDLE, a Next Gen Foods brand, says it will debut the pioneering whole-cut vegan meat technology at the U.S. National Restaurant Association Show taking place in Chicago later this month.

The TiNDLE TrueCut technology employs advanced plant-based protein development techniques that can replicate the flavor, texture, and mouthfeel of conventional chicken. In response to the growing consumer expectation for plant-based meats that deliver the same experience as their animal-based counterparts, TiNDLE says TrueCut has been applied to the company’s expanding plant-based chicken product line.

Vegan meat’s ‘unlimited potential’

“Our commitment to innovation and expanding our range of delicious, best-in-class foods is core to our mission to reduce our global reliance on animals as a source for food,” Andre Menezes, CEO and Co-Founder of Next Gen Foods, said in a statement. “With our newest innovations in whole cuts, wings, and breakfast sausages, we’re excited to unlock unlimited potential for culinary creativity – and feel strongly that they deliver on the high bar for taste and quality that consumers expect.”

TiNDLE TrueCut
TiNDLE TrueCut | Courtesy

TiNDLE says TrueCut’s secret lies in its use of common plant-based ingredients to replicate the function of fat and muscle tissue in poultry chicken. The unique manufacturing process enables the perfect replication of conventional meat’s texture using a base protein comprising only water, soy protein, sunflower and rapeseed oils, natural flavorings, and salt. Furthermore, the product contains no GMO ingredients or cholesterol.

TrueCut’s technology was spearheaded by Next Gen Foods’ expert R&D team and Chief Technology Officer John Seegers. The company says the technology is a testament to the team’s combined expertise in plant-based food development, with unique discoveries in protein and fiber refinement, and the accurate recreation of the taste and cooking properties of animal meat. Next Gen Foods says the technology offers unlimited potential for the development of various chicken cuts, providing a truly authentic poultry experience.

Next Gen Foods’ rapid expansion

Attendees at the NRA Chicago show later this month will also have the opportunity to sample TiNDLE’s new breakfast sausage and chicken wings — expanding its existing food service chicken range that features tenders and patties.

The announcement follows several recent achievements for Next Gen Foods already this year. Last month, it announced expansion into 350 Morrisons supermarkets across the U.K., after adding 6,000 German supermarkets in January.

Courtesy Next Gen Foods

In March, Next Gen Foods announced the acquisition of Mwah!, a U.K.-based gelato startup.

“When Timo (Recker, co-founder and Chairman) and I started Next Gen in 2020, we didn’t intend to only develop one core product and stick with it,” Menezes told Green Queen. “We wanted to offer a diverse range of global food brands and products that were not only great-tasting and high-quality, but also could make an impact on the planet. We started with chicken first, of course, but we’re always looking to enter other categories (including other meats, seafood, and dairy) after successfully launching TiNDLE. We always start with consumers and the emotional connection they have to food, and both delicious chicken dishes and ice cream share indulgence when it comes to that emotional experience.”


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