Animal-Free Chocolate Milk Is Here Thanks To Perfect Day’s Partnership with Tomorrow Farms

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New York’s Tomorrow Farms is looking to ‘give cows a break’. The food tech is focused on creating animal-free milk and has partnered with Perfect Day. Tomorrow Farms will soon be launching its Bored Cow line of flavoured milk drinks, following a successful fundraising round earlier this month. 

Lowercarbon Capital led the recent seed funding round with participation from Maveron, Valor Siren Ventures, Simple Food Ventures and SV Angel. It brought total funding to date to $10.5 million. The money raised has been earmarked for growingthe company, alongside securing food tech partners for future developments.

Photo by Tomorrow Farms/Bored Cow.

Milk without cows

Bored Cow is Tomorrow Farms’ first finalised brand. The range will include chocolate, vanilla and strawberry milk drinks, available to buy from early June. A fourth flavour is being teased for a summer release and is said to be “original”.

In a bid to capture an authentic milk taste and experience, Tomorrow Farms is working with Perfect Day. The Californian precision fermentation specialist has garnered itself a reputation for being the leading supplier of animal-free dairy proteins. Its whey protein is identical to that sourced from cow’s milk but contributes 97 percent fewer carbon emissions during production. 

Bored Cow is said to offer consumers the nutritional benefirs of conventional dairy. Eight grams of protein, calcium, B12, vitamin D and potassium are all contained in its flavoured range, but with zero grams of total sugars, no cholesterol and no animal hormones. 

Photo by Austin Santaniello at Unsplash.

“We started Tomorrow Farms with a belief that there’s a better way to make our favorite foods,” Ben Berman, Tomorrow Farms CEO, said in a statement. “That’s why we’re so happy to be partnering with Perfect Day to bring animal-free dairy milk right to consumers in their homes. We believe the Bored Cow brand will be synonymous with this exciting new category, offering an alternative to cow’s milk and plant-based milks that doesn’t compromise on taste, nutrition, texture and, most importantly, the future of our planet.”

30 percent of all livestock emissions are attributed to dairy. The global market is predicted to reach $1,128 billion by 2026, representing a catastrophic increase in greenhouse gas emissions to keep up with consumer demand. Precision fermentation is increasingly being eyed as a resource-light and livestock-free solution to milk and dairy production.

Using Perfect Day to make an ideal dairy replacement

Bored Cow uses Perfect Day whey protein inits formulation. It adds its own formulation of ingredients, plus vitamins and minerals to develop flavour and health benefits. All products are lactose, gluten and nut-free. The hormones and antibiotics commonly found in aminal milk are also negated. 

“These new flavored milks from the visionary team at Tomorrow Farms extend our impact to consumers looking for a fun, planet positive, and nutritious choice for their families,” Ryan Pandya, Perfect Day co-founder and CEO, said in a statement. “This engaging brand makes the kinder, greener option exciting for the generations who are growing up into the future we are creating.”

Perfect Day Raises $350M in Late-Stage Funding Round As Brand Prepares to IPO
Photo by Perfect Day.

Could animal-free dairy become mainstream?

Popular dairy products, including chocolate, milk, cheese and ice cream have all been reimagined, using Perfect Day’s dairy-identical proteins. Now, a number of fellow precision fermentation developers are springing up to help meet demand for cleaner alternatives to conventional dairy.

In Israel, Imagindairy just closed a $28 million seed funding round, following a $15 million extension. The startup views the cash injection as a vote of confidence in the animal-free dairy sector as a whole. Funding has been earmarked for growing the personnel team and accelerating its R&D efforts. 

Also hailing from Israel, Remilk has begun construction on the world’s largest animal-free dairy production facility, in Denmark. The project comes after a successful Series B raise that brought in $120 million. It is said that the plant will be able to make the equivalent dairy proteins of 50,000 cows per year.

Lead photo by Tomorrow Farms/Bored Cow.


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