Tried & Tested: Sohofama’s New All Veggie Menu (Spoiler Alert – It’s YUM)

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Food just seems to taste better when you know an establishment is looking to feed you healthy, toxin-free, locally grown ingredients that can support both the community and your body. That’s been the mission of Sohofama since day one: a synergy of urban farming and quality-focused meals above all else. Taking its modern Chinese comfort food up a notch by providing an all new vegetarian menu filled with fresh, wholesome ingredients with a more than fair share of gluten-free dishes, Sohofama has upped the ante for Hong Kong’s plant-based foodies. Vegans, please give the kitchen a heads up, and the staff will gladly accommodate! Featuring various traditional veggie-forward elements with mushrooms as the showstoppers in most of the dishes, this LOCOFAMA X G.O.D collaboration focuses on simple flavors that gave us all the feels- felt just like Mom’s home cooked meals. Below, we highlight our favorites.

Steamed Black Truffle & Mushroom Dumpling

Stuffed with diced mushrooms wrapped in a glisten of bright green spinach dough, these bite-sized dumplings are the perfect start to your meal. The essence of truffle gleefully wafts through the air as you tear through the chewy skin, filling your mouth with morsels of intense, soil-forward flavor and turning this dim sum dish into a gourmet experience.

Cold Green Bean Noodle with Chinese Mushroom, Marmoreal Mushroom in Peanut Sauce

One of the standout dishes from the tasting, our entire table went nuts over this dish! The cold noodles and refreshingly thin cucumber slices were a welcome respite to our senses on this particularly hot day. The Marmoreal and Chinese mushrooms sliced and tossed in a light peanut sauce were so delicious, addicting even…they left everyone wanting more. Be prepared not to want to share. You’ve been warned.

Pan Fried Asparagus, Dry Tofu, Vegetarian Ham & Spinach Buns

A veggie-friendly variation of the Shanghainese specialty shengjian bao, this was the perfect way to enjoy meatless dim sum buns! Filled with asparagus, dry tofu, vegetarian ham and spinach lightly pan-fried on the bottom until it forms a flavorful, crisp crust, the rest of the bun is still as fluffy and soft as ever.

Braised Chinese Mushroom, Marmoreal Mushroom, Enoki Mushroom & Pan Choi in Vegetarian Oyster Flavored Sauce

Mushrooms are a staple of Chinese cuisine and it doesn’t get any more traditional than this heavenly dish. Heart-warming and deliciously reminiscent of Mom’s own homestyle comfort food, each mushroom adds their own special flavor to this simple dish- don’t underestimate this classic.

Stewed Chinese Mushroom, Straw Mushroom & Tofu with Vegetarian Oyster Flavored Sauce in Pot

Sometimes the best dishes focus on a single ingredient or type of food. In this case, the assortment of fresh Chinese and straw mushrooms are the highlight of this pot, allowing the daofu to absorb its earthy aroma resulting in a richly satisfying gravy sauce. Another Chinese culinary staple, Sohofama legit made us homesick after one wistful bite.

Spicy Sichuan Mala Fried Rice

As a lovers of spice, this Sichuan dish hit the spot just right- the numbing heat was invigorating! Stir-fried with onions, tomatoes, peanuts and green peppers, we loved how the rice was a bit salty, toasted at the edges of every grain with a hint of peanut (an undertaste, really) rounding up the umami-rich flavor! A satisfying end to a gorgeous plant-based meal.

Sohofama: G/F, Block A, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Soho, Central. For reservations call +852 2858 8238 or email

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  • Jenny Star Lor

    Jenny Star Lor is Green Queen’s resident eco wellness writer. She is passionate about reducing her carbon footprint, loves all things fitness and enjoys tasting her way through Hong Kong’s veggie dining options. Originally from Los Angeles, she now calls Hong Kong home. Previously, she wrote and reported for global publications such as The Hollywood Reporter and US Weekly. She is also a passionate pole dancer and teaches classes across Hong Kong.

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