Where To Get The Best Bowl of (Vegan) Dan Dan Noodles

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Is there anything better than slurping a bowl of classic Sichuan dan dan noodles (also known as Bang Bang Noodles, or Dan Dan Meen)? Piling thin noodles on top a spicy chili oil, nutty peanut sauce, mouth numbing peppercorn, and a sprinkling of sesame…. ooh! Traditionally including minced pork and scallions, it used to be so hard for herbivores to find a restaurant that served a meatless version. However, times have changed and so have the ingredients in our favorite fiery snack. The golden age of veganism has spawned master chefs to craft delicious plant-based options. Bring a little heat to your life with our Green Queen guide to the best vegetarian dan dan noodles in town!

Pure Veggie House – Vegan-Friendly

A Buddhist vegetarian restaurant located up in Mid-Levels, in addition to serving one of the best meatless dim sum, Pure Veggie House is a great spot to grab a bowl of those Sichuan style noods. Served all day long with tantalizing peanuts and sesame sauce, if you have time after your meal, head out for a walk at the Botanical Gardens right next door.

3/F, 51 Garden Road, Coda Plaza, Mid-Levels, +852 2525 0552

Din Tai Fung – Vegan-Friendly

Taiwan’s accidental dumpling empire is a great place to get your dan dan mien fill at one of their many outlets. We love how their chewy, handmade noodles are cooked to order every single time, perfectly doused in spicy sesame (which isn’t that spicy, in our humble opinion) and vegan peanut sauce.

For a full list of Din Tai Fung locations in Hong Kong, see here.

Kind Kitchen – Vegan-Friendly

We at Green Queen, collectively, lost our minds when Kind Kitchen debuted their Omnipork Tan Tan Noodles last year. Featuring Omnipork, the plant-based all-purpose pork alternative, a delicious soy milk broth with chili sauce, this is hands down one of our favorite Chinese comfort classics we run to when the tough gets going!

1/F, 173 Des Voeux Road, Nan Fung Place, Central, +852 2110 0055

Confusion Plant Based Kitchen – Vegan-Friendly

Not available every day, Confusion Plant Based Kitchen lives up to its moniker in this fusion bowl of noodles highlighting a medley of Asian flavors. With a soup base that includes miso, vegan satay sauce, dan dan spice, veggies, mushrooms, and tofu all in thin Japanese sōmen noodles, it’s enough to confuse your tastebuds and send them into blissful overdrive. If you are keen to try, give them a call or shoot over a message on Facebook to request a bowl- while it is not on the permanent menu (it’s a special that appears on the regular), owner Lisa Terauchi is more than willing to accommodate if you ask nicely!

G/F, 103 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, +852 2563 3699

Crystal Jade – Vegetarian

One of our favourite traditional omni Chinese restaurants, we love the extensive vegetarian menu at Crystal Jade. Their Green Selection Series features their signature Sichuan Dan Dan La Mian complete with nutty richness and mild spiciness. Please note: the noodles do contain eggs, making this dish a no-no for vegans.

For a full list of Crystal Jade locations in Hong Kong, see here.

Chili Fagara – Vegan-Friendly

For something more complex and compelling, look no further than the dan dan noodles at Chili Fagara. While the components of sesame, scallions and chili may appear familiar, it’s their homemade peanut sauce that makes this spicy and savory combo memorable. Be sure to let your server know you’re here for the veggie version upon ordering!

G/F, 7 Old Bailey Street, Soho, Central, +852 2796 6866

Images courtesy of Crystal Jade (lead), Confusion Kitchen, Macau Lifestyle, and Chili Fagara.

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