Vegan E-Com Platform PlantX Appoints Matthew Kenney As Chief Culinary Officer, Will Acquire His Plant-Based Deli

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In a recent announcement, the plant-based e-commerce platform PlantX has appointed Chef Matthew Kenney as its Chief Culinary Officer, signed a five-year partnership with Matthew Kenney Cuisine(MKC), and is looking to acquire New Deli, Kenney’s plant-based deli and retail space in Venice, California.

Back in November, Canada-based PlantX, described by some as the ‘Amazon for vegan foods’, launched its website for U.S. consumers and decided to expand its retail presence in the country.

The company is again in the news and to help make plant-based foods a mainstream reality among consumers, has appointed U.S.-based Michelin-rated celebrity chef, entrepreneur, and author Chef Matthew Kenney as its Chief Culinary Officer.

The health and wellness educator has in-depth knowledge in plant-based living and PlantX is looking for Kenney to lead its meal delivery vertical and drive product and recipe innovation for the firm’s product portfolio as well as reinvent existing menu items.

In addition, with his background in business and operations, Kenney will drive initiatives at PlantX’s brick-and-mortar locations in San Diego, California, Squamish, British Columbia and Tel Aviv, Israel.

In a press release seen by Green Queen, PlantX founder, Sean Dollinger said that the team is honored and humbled to have the “godfather of vegan cuisine” head a crucial growth segment of PlantX. “Matthew will provide invaluable wisdom that should give PlantX a competitive edge in the fast-growing plant-based space.”

Kenney said: “My team and I are thrilled to work with PlantX and expand our presence through this partnership. We are looking forward to sharing our passion and expertise with the PlantX community.”

We are honored and humbled to have the godfather of vegan cuisine head a crucial growth segment of PlantX. Matthew will provide invaluable wisdom that should give PlantX a competitive edge in the fast-growing plant-based space

Sean Dollinger, founder of PlantX

PlantX has signed a five-year agreement with Kenney’s plant-based lifestyle brand, MKC, and has proposed to acquire MKC’s California retail location, New Deli that offers sustainable everyday goods including household supplies and food staples for US$1,569,999.

PlantX CMO, Alex Hoffman, concluded: “Our new partnership with Matthew and MKC opens the doors to a myriad of opportunities. The partnership will also catalyze our brand awareness in the plant-based community and beyond.”

Once the Deli has been acquired, PlantX will open its brick-and-mortar stores as New Deli by PlantX locations and with the help of MKC will drive operations across North America and Europe.

Lead image courtesy of PlantX and MKC.


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