VegTech Invest Launches Its First Plant-Based ETF On The New York Stock Exchange

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The VegTech Plant-based Innovation & Climate ETF has been unveiled. Launching on the New York Stock Exchange, it features a portfolio of 37 publicly-traded companies. Each is immersed in plant-based innovations including ingredient development and animal-free product design. 

Companies included in the ETF have been selected for their commitments to addressing issues such as the climate crisis and food poverty. VegTech claims to use research, facts and data to make educated choices as to which companies to invest in. It then allows for easier external investment in a collective of positive enterprises, through its flagship ETF.

Investing in a better world

VegTech specialises in plant-based investment because it claims to have identified an imminent global supply system shift. Companies within sustainable and plant-based sectors will need to be ready to come to market quickly to meet new demand. Every company in the VegTech Plant-based Innovation & Climate ETF has been identified as a potential industry disruptor and leader, in line with VegTech’s criteria.

Getting to this point is the result of months of work. “The world of finance is extremely regulated,” Elysabeth Alfano, VegTech Invest CEO and CMO told Green Queen. “In addition to raising the capital to start the Investment Advisory (VegTech Invest) that would advise the VegTech™ Plant-based Innovation and Climate ETF, we then had to build the compliance, legal and trading team, not to mention all of the paper filings. We have been working on creating the ETF since March and are over the moon to finally be on the New York Stock Exchange as of December 29, 2021.”

Last year, VegTech launched its index tracker, described at the time as the “vegan Dow Jones”, it featured 21 companies. Founders Alfano and Sasha Goodman were motivated by a desire to offer instant overviews of animal-free stock options. The ability to support the “average person” as they invest in line with their values has also been discussed.

“I look forward to doing a lot of public speaking about the connection between our traditional agriculture system and climate change, said Alfano. “Many still don’t know about the environmental benefits of plant-based innovation. So, getting out that message will be critical, as well as building our assets under management. We are proud to be the first pure-play fund in plant-based innovation, focused on the companies innovating with plant-based ingredients and creating animal-free foods and materials.

“With this ETF, I am excited to drive capital to plant-based innovation companies,” VegTech Invest president and fund manager, Sasha Goodman said in a press statement. “I also hope to encourage public companies to lead the way and replace animal products with innovations that are better for people, the planet and the animals.” 

Pipped to the post

The world’s first vegan ETF, the US Vegan Climate ETF, launched more than two years ago. Last year, it was reported that it outperformed the S&P 500 Index. At the time of reporting, it has accrued almost $65 million in assets. The managed und was launched by Beyond Investing in 2019 and screen out any companies that contribute to animal exploitation. It is weapons and fossil fuel-free. 

Of note, the VegTech Plant-based Innovation & Climate ETF does not use the word vegan anywhere in its materials. Plant-based is the sole descriptor.

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