All G Foods Launches Bloom Providore the First Vegan Meat Range for Chefs In Australia

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Australian startup All G Foods has launched Bloom Providore, a meat-inspired plant protein range made exclusively for chefs.

“With more Australians opting for plant protein options, the market has crowded with too many plant-based burger patties,” All G Foods CEO Jan Pacas said in a statement. “That has left a major gap for chefs who want to use alternative ingredients, such as plant protein, to cater to their diners’ preferences and create dishes that leave a lasting impression.”

To address the gap, All G’s Bloom Providore offers chefs minces inspired by beef, pork, lamb, chicken, duck, and fish.

The range is launching at Ovolo Hotel Group, headed by chef Ian Curley.

Ovolo hotel | Courtesy

“Bloom Providore is a game-changer in the commercial kitchen,” Ovolo Hotels culinary director chef, Ian Curley said. “I am always looking for high-quality ingredients that empowers the chefs to push boundaries and challenge their creativity. We are excited to explore the endless opportunities that will come with Bloom Providore.”

According to Pacas, Ovolo Hotels set the benchmark for a sustainable food future “and have been inspiring chefs across the globe to rethink fine dining and the need for animal proteins.”

Ovolo made headlines when it removed meat from its menus in 2020 for an entire year. It renewed that commitment earlier this year.

“Meat is being removed for a second year in a row at Ovolo Hotels. With a number of our Ovolo venues already serving plant-based cuisine, we have decided to go the full 100 percent,” Ovolo Group’s Founder and CEO, Girish Jhunjhnuwala, said in a statement.

Bloom Providore

“It’s been a strategic move, but Ovolo prides itself on being an industry leader. We believe that the world changes, therefore we continue to evolve – we want to ensure we are doing our bit to help preserve our environment, promote healthy eating and enhance the image of amazing vegetarian and plant-based dining.”

Ovolo’s chef team has created several dishes including a tagine, stuffed peppers, tortellini, and “plant-based parcels” all featuring Bloom Providore’s beef-inspired mince.

All G says it’s targeting other chefs across the country with progressive mindsets. It says with animal meat prices on the increase and the growing demand for healthier alternatives, it sees a market opportunity, especially for chefs who want to use alternative ingredients but have grown tired of the burger saturation.

“With the right ingredients, flavours and texture,” says Pacas, “a chef can create beautiful things and with Bloom it further enhances that creativity.”

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