Healthy Dining: 10 Omni Restaurants with The Best Vegetarian Menus

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Are there good places to get together where vegetarians and meat lovers in Hong Kong can happily coexist? Sure, being a vegetarian in Hong Kong isn’t as challenging as it used to be, but if you’re putting together a small group meal, chances are, not all your friends eat like you. We’ve been in that situation before and put together a list of amazing restaurants that accommodate vegetarians without disappointing carnivores. Ranging from casual to fine dining and spanning all cuisines from Thai to Sichuan to Middle Eastern, here are the top ten best restaurants in Hong Kong where you can have the best of both worlds, all of which have created a dedicated veggie menu for plant lovers! 

Crystal Jade

A Michelin-starred chain restaurant throughout the city, Crystal Jade is a longstanding favorite for traditional Chinese cuisine. With an extensive vegetarian menu for plant-based eaters, your other friends can join in on the fun with their omnivorous menu. Signature dishes are mostly vegetarian like their Black Fungus tossed in Aged Vinegar, Sautéed Green Soy Bean with Beancurd Sheets (pictured above) and their Steamed Veggie Dumplings are some of the best around! Reasonably priced with over ten locations, we particularly love their Wanchai location or their airport branch before a flight, but be prepared for a wait since they’re quite popular.

For a full list of Crystal Jade locations in Hong Kong, click here

Mak Mak

If Thai is your type, meet your omni friends at Mak Mak for a delicious taste of authentic Central Thai cuisine. A popular retro 1960’s eatery located inside the Landmark, the Yenn Wong establishment comes with its own dedicated vegetarian menu and set dinners (with a slew of vegan friendly options). We love their vegan take on traditional Thai laab salad, a spicy oyster mushroom delight. Bonus: almost all of their vegetarian menu is gluten-free!

2/F, 15 Queen’s Road, Landmark Atrium, Shop 217A, Central, +852 2983 1002,


One of our favorite spots for modern Chinese, Sohofama hits all right notes when it comes to plant-based dining. With a dedicated veggie menu (with plenty of gluten-free yummies) in addition to their regular offerings, we had the pleasure of tasting our way through their dishes a time or two with zero regrets (read our review) on anything! Come with friends and family regardless of restrictions, dine al fresco next to their mini farm and savor the freshness of locally grown ingredients. Vegans, let the kitchen know your arrival prior to and the staff will gladly accommodate. PSA to everyone: the Cold Green Bean Noodle with Chinese Mushroom, Marmoreal Mushroom in Peanut Sauce is 💯!

G/F, Block A, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Soho, Central, +852 2858 8238,

The Joomak

Korean food is generally known to be meat-heavy, but the rise of Korean vegetarian from the likes of renowned Buddhist nun, Jeong Kwan, from Netflix hit series Chef’s Table to wildly popular Hong Kong private dining chef extraordinaire, Sook by Mina Park have paved way for some of the most innovative traditional vegetarian Korean dishes. Located inside Harbour City, The Joomak is a trendy Korean bistro with devoted vegan-friendly menu. Focusing on seasonal and healthy ingredients, try their Instagram-worthy Vegan Prickly Pear Carbonara hot pot made with a soy milk soup base or split their Vegan Cheese Dipping Cube or Vegan Wasabi Cheese Fishballs with friends. But be sure to save room for their vegetarian and vegan dessert!

Shop 34, Level 3, LCX, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Kowloon, +852 2111 0851.

Café Gray Deluxe

For an impressive meal from start to finish, Café Gray Deluxe at The Upper House is the place to be. Modern European dining at its finest, all food palates are welcome here from hugely influential, award-winning restaurateur, Chef Gray Kunz. Omnivores can get behind Chef Kunz’s signature cuisine favoring organic, seasonal ingredients but health conscious eaters will definitely appreciate Café Gray’s Revitalizing Menu, an elegant experience in vegan gastronomy (read our review). Gluten-free, organic, non-genetically modified and sustainably source, their entire vegan  menu was utterly delicious and incredibly satisfying.

49/F, 88 Queensway, Pacific Place, The Upper House, Admiralty, +852 3968 1106,

Greyhound Cafe

Thai food with a twist, self-titled ‘fashion cafe’ Greyhound Cafe is a popular chain located all through the city. Though their menu is varied with a motley of traditional Thai classics (like their pomelo salad and tom yum goong) to western dishes (think burgers and mussels), they do offer some meatless menu selections like Spicy Thai Spaghetti with mushrooms, chilies, and fresh peppercorns or Vegetarian Sweet Corn Fritters served with Thai sweet and sour sauce.

For a full list of Greyhound Cafe locations in Hong Kong, click here

Chilli Fagara

If you have a hankering for some fiery Sichuan spice, then Chilli Fagara is for you. No meat, no problem! With a separate full vegetarian menu, plant-based eaters can enjoy meatless items from the menu marked in green. From their savory vegetarian XO sauce (that is surprisingly spicy) to crisp-fried nuggets of Chinese doughnut dipped in a yummy sweet and sour sauce, their veg menu has something for everyone to enjoy. The Michelin-recommended establishment also has select gluten-free items, but do check with servers for details before ordering. We’ve heard many a great things of their set lunch menu but we are especially addicted to the veggie dumplings and lettuce wraps!

G/F, 7 Old Bailey Street, Soho, +852 2796 6866,

Mask of Si Chuen & Beijing

A hit with both the meat free and meat centric crowd, Mask of Si Chuen & Beijing is a Cantonese restaurant with traditional Sichuan and Beijing cuisine. Moderately priced with a vast array of vegan (and Jains) broths, main entrees, and appetizers, their menu also provides veggie versions of their popular meat dishes. Weather permitting, opt to have your meal in the open air in their spacious outdoor seating.

G/F, Shop No. 33 inside East Tsim Sha Tsui Station MTR (exit K), Tsim Sha Tsui, +852 2311 9233,

So Thai So Good

A modern Thai fusion cafe with homemade baked goods and coffee, So Thai So Good is well loved by locals and expats, vegetarians and non-veggies alike. Located inside three big malls across Hong Kong – Miramar Shopping Centre, Tsing Yi Maritime Square, and Tai Po Mega Mall – the kid-friendly dining spot has a nice selection of veggie eats for small plates or big appetites. Ask for their vegetarian menu to get a list of contemporary Thai and Western dishes. The kitchen is also accommodating with vegans, just let the wait staff know.

For a full list of So Thai So Good locations in Hong Kong, click here

Zahrabel Dining Club

From the original pioneer of Lebanese cuisine in Hong Kong, the daughters of retired husband-and-wife Zahra duo, have forged on family legacy with Zahrabel. A beautiful intimate venue set overlooking the skyscrapers of Wan Chai, the mezze menu boasts an assortment of plant-based recipes with vegan options. Their famed set lunch menus are suitable for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians and their shared menus for dinner here has a wide selection of seasonal veggies and proteins. Booking a reservations is essential at this authentic Middle Eastern establishment so don’t wait!

25/F, 239 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, +852 5503 9181,

Kyoto Joe

A longstanding Japanese culinary institution in Hong Kong, Kyoto Joe has an extensive veggie-friendly menu in addition to their signature sumptuous Japanese cuisine. Featuring mock meat dishes like faux chicken and prawn that could fool omnivores, we are big fans of their sweet and spicy vegetables featuring light fried cauliflower, asparagus and mushroom served with sesame sauce – yum! Upscale in a prime location of Lan Kwai Fong, Kyoto Joe is definitely one of the best vegan and vegetarian Japanese restaurants in the city.

2/F, 1 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, +852 2804 6800,

Images courtesy of Pexels (lead), Green Queen, Crystal Jade, Mak Mak, Joomak, Greyhound Cafe, Chili Figara, Mask, Openrice (so thai so good), Zahrabel, and Kyoto Joe.


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