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WNWN’s Latest Confection: Milk Chocolate, But Hold the Milk and Chocolate

3 Mins Read WNWN Food Labs, a pioneer in the development of cocoa-free chocolate, has developed its first vegan milk chocolate product. U.K.-based WNWN says its novel milk chocolate mimics conventional chocolate with its sweet, creamy flavor profile, offering notes of mocha, malt, and hazelnut and a luxurious, buttery finish — but it’s doing all of that without […]

5 Vegan Oat Milk Chocolate Bars We’re Craving

3 Mins Read Vegan chocolate is seriously taking off, with brands rolling out new plant-based options from left to right. But milk chocolate is a particularly tough nut to crack. The answer, for many companies, is oat milk. We’ve rounded up five of our favourite oat milk chocolate bars, which promise to satisfy all your cravings for something […]

Your Chocolate Bar Probably Contains Cockroach Parts

2 Mins Read Did you know that your average chocolate bar probably contains insect parts? According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, anything less than 60 insect pieces per 100 grams of chocolate – around two typical bars of store-bought chocolate – is deemed safe for public consumption.  Bugs are constantly present during the food manufacturing […]

‘Chocolate Siblings’ Launch Nocoa Cocoa-Free Sustainable Chocolate Line in Germany

3 Mins Read In a partnership with German online retailer Confiserie Seidl, Planet A Foods has launched Nocoa, its first sustainable chocolate line. Nocoa is tapping into the chocolate successor market, made without cacao and instead from natural, local ingredients, including fermented oats. Nocoa chocolate Despite the absence of any chocolate, the product offers the same taste experience […]

Oodaalolly Taps Perfect Day’s Whey for ‘Mushroom Milk’ Chocolate

3 Mins Read Oodaalolly Chocolate, known for its premium Philippine-sourced cacao, has partnered with precision fermentation leader, Perfect Day, to launch a new product: Mushroom Milk Chocolate. The partnership between the two California-based brands is the latest chocolate collaboration for Perfect Day, which recently partnered with Mars to offer milk chocolate made with dairy-identical precision fermentation. Mushroom milk […]

Moon Magic Takes on Big Chocolate With Low-Sugar, Dairy-Free ‘World’s First’

3 Mins Read Claiming the title of the “world’s first” vegan, no-sugar-added, low-calorie, milk chocolate, Canada’s Moon Magic has announced the launch of six chocolate bars. According to Moon Magic, while the good-for-you chocolate market has increased recently, many of those offerings are still high in sugar and calories, which can negate the benefits of chocolate. Moon Magic […]

The E.U. Bans Imports on Products Linked to Deforestation

4 Mins Read Earlier this month, the European Union announced a new law that will prevent the sale of products including beef, soy, and coffee linked to deforestation. Under the new law, companies selling commodity items from regions where deforestation is rampant will be required to produce due diligence statements about their supply chains. Failure to comply will […]

Microbial Fermentation Comes to the Alt Sugar Market In Oobli Chocolate Bars

2 Mins Read Oobli, the California-based food tech company focused on sweet protein via microbial fermentation, has launched its first product. Following its rebrand from Joywell Foods, Oobli’s first product is a sweet-protein-powered line of chocolate in three styles: 70% Silky Cacao, Sea Salt Flakes, and Raspberry Bits. Oobli says its new chocolate is gut-healthy, diabetic-friendly, and contains […]

Sustainable Chocolate Gets a Boost With Trendlines Investment In Celleste Bio

3 Mins Read With support from Mondelēz International, Barrel Ventures, and Regba Group, along with Trendlines, Celleste Bio is closer to bringing its cell-based chocolate to market. New cell-based food tech startup Celleste Bio, which hails from Israel, is out to tackle chocolate’s sustainability and labor issues. The company is producing high-quality cocoa using conventional cell culture methods. […]

Seminal Biosciences Emerges from Stealth Mode With Cacao-Free Cocoa Butter

3 Mins Read Cocoa butter made without cacao beans? Seminal Biosciences says it’s done it in a strategic collaboration with Nucelis. Like a number of staple foods, cacao, the bean that all chocolate comes from, might not survive climate change. The tropical cacao tree faces challenges as global temperatures warm, changing the growing seasons. It’s also an industry […]

Fudgy No-Flour Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (DF, RSF, GF)

3 Mins Read We created these outrageously delicious no-flour cookies somewhat by accident. We had a couple of jars of almond butter lying around and we wanted to create a yummy treat that was also fairly healthy. After some research and a look around our pantry, we found some inspiration online and voila! The cookies are also really […]

WNWN Launches Cacao and Palm Oil-Free Daim-Style Candy Bars

2 Mins Read From the first company to make chocolate without both cacao and palm oil, WNWN has introduced its second product, called the Waim! Bar—a knock-off of the popular European Mondelez Daim bar. The new limited-edition candy bars are covered in chocolate that’s cacao-free, made by fermenting plant-based ingredients for a sustainable alternative to chocolate. “The Waim! […]

Mars Collaborates With Perfect Day To Launch New Vegan Chocolate Bar

4 Mins Read Global confections company Mars has partnered with Perfect Day to launch its first ‘earth-positive’ animal-free chocolate. Dubbed CO2COA, it uses Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein to capture the taste and feel of conventional chocolate while tapping into the flexitarian and vegan consumer trend. To double down on its sustainability credentials, Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa has […]

WNWN Food Labs Debuting Cacao And Palm Oil-Free Ethical Chocolate On London Shelves

4 Mins Read Chocolate without cacao might sound like science fiction but WNWN Food Labs is releasing its first dark variety this month and it says its product has 80% less emissions than convential chocolate. The startup wants to address what it considers to be critical problems across conventional chocolate’s supply chains, which include links to deforestation, child […]

Lindt Brings Its Creamy Vegan Oat Milk Chocolate To the U.S.

3 Mins Read At the start of the year, Swiss chocolatier Lindt released two vegan chocolate bars in the U.K, to coincide with Veganuary. Canada followed in February and now, the U.S. is getting a taste of the original and salted caramel incarnations. It’s not clear whether the hazelnut variety, launched in the U.K., will be part of […]