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Northern Wonder’s Coffee-Free Coffee Makes Dutch Retail Debut with Filter Grounds and Pods

5 Mins Read Dutch food tech brand Northern Wonder has made its retail debut with four beanless coffee products at supermarket chain Albert Heijn in the Netherlands. The Coffee-Free Coffee pods and filter grounds are the second iteration of the startup’s original lineup, which now also includes online-exclusive espresso-style grounds. Founded in 2021 by David Klingen, Bas Franse, Andreas […]

Beanless Coffee: 7 Businesses Making Molecular, Cell-Based Coffee A Reality

6 Mins Read The link between coffee and climate change is well-documented. The industry has been hit with low harvests, uneven yields and uncertainty due to extreme temperatures and changing weather conditions. Coffee is among the foods with the highest greenhouse gas emissions, and increased demand is now leading to deforestation and human rights violations. One touted solution […]

5 DIY Homemade Vegan Face Mask Recipes We’re Loving

3 Mins Read When it comes to natural beauty advice, how about implementing the same approach with our self-care and beauty routine as we do with our food? In a time when we find ourselves more glued to screens than ever, not to mention, getting more anxious from the incessant news cycle, putting on a homemade face mask […]

Singapore’s Flash Coffee Replaces Dairy With Oatside’s Oat Milk ‘To Help Our Customers Take A Small Step Forward’

3 Mins Read Singapore-based coffee franchise, Flash Coffee, has announced an exclusive partnership with fellow Singaporean oat milk maker Oatside, which will be the default in any milk-based drinks, replacing dairy. The shift to oat milk makes Flash Coffee the first prominent coffee chain in Singapore to move away from conventional dairy. The new offering is at no […]

These Energy Bars Are Tackling Coffee Waste

3 Mins Read Australia-based snack bar start-up I Am Grounded has released the first energy bar made from coffee waste by upcycling the nutrient-rich coffee fruit. In a bid to innovate in the energy bar sector while tackling agricultural waste, I Am Grounded is using coffee fruit — also known as coffee cherry — the fleshy, round stone […]

Your Daily Cup of Coffee is Costly to the Planet. Here’s How to Fix It.

3 Mins Read By: Mark Maslin, Professor of Earth System Science, UCL and the Natural History Museum of Denmark & Carmen Nab, PhD Candidate in Environmental Science, UCL For many of us, coffee is essential. It allows us to function in the morning and gives a much needed boost during the day. But in new research, we revealed the effect that our favourite […]

The E.U. Bans Imports on Products Linked to Deforestation

4 Mins Read Earlier this month, the European Union announced a new law that will prevent the sale of products including beef, soy, and coffee linked to deforestation. Under the new law, companies selling commodity items from regions where deforestation is rampant will be required to produce due diligence statements about their supply chains. Failure to comply will […]

Northern Wonder Launches Climate-Friendly, Beanless Coffee To Fight Deforestation

4 Mins Read Beanless coffee pods for your Nespresso machine? Northern Wonder is brewing just that: an innovative, alternative coffee product made sans beans to combat deforestation.  Coffee Free Coffee? Northern Wonder, a European food technology company based in the Netherlands and founded by David Klingen, Bas Franse, Andreas Giel, and Onno Franse, is on a mission to […]

Compostable Seaweed-Coated Coffee Balls Are Coming for Your Nespresso

2 Mins Read Your coffee habit is on notice. Swiss retail giant Migros says it is launching a proprietary coffeemaking system aimed at replacing single-use coffee pods. Launching in Switzerland and France, Migros’ CoffeeB Coffee Balls were five years in the making. Designed to replace single-serve plastic coffee pods, they are encased in a thin protective layer that […]

Atomo Coffee Raises $40 Million in a Series A for Its Climate-Friendly Beanless Brew

3 Mins Read Seattle’s climate-friendly ‘beanless’ Atomo Coffee has announced the closing of its Series A, with a $40 million investment led by S2G Ventures, AgFunder, and Horizons Ventures. Reverse engineering the coffee bean to help address the climate crisis, Atomo Coffee says the Series A funding will help accelerate the development of its beanless coffee products and […]

Danone and Green Monday Invest in Barista-Favorite Minor Figures Oat Milk

3 Mins Read U.K.-founded Minor Figures has confirmed that both Danone, through its Manifesto Ventures investment arm, and Hong Kong’s Green Monday have become investors in the oat milk brand. The startup was founded in 2015 to supply barista-quality milk to coffee shops and retail consumers alike and has since expanded into canned ready-to-drink coffee and tea products.  […]

Voyage Foods: The Company Making Chocolate, Peanut Butter And Coffee Without Cacao, Peanuts or Labour Scandals

4 Mins Read Budding Californian CPG Voyage Foods has emerged from stealth development to announce the successful reverse engineering of certain favourite foods. The food tech is focussed on reproducing items considered unsustainable, allergen-heavy or vulnerable to supply issues, as the climate crisis worsens. So far it has created chocolate, peanut butter and coffee. Founder Adam Maxwell, formerly […]

Starbuck Unveils New Dairy-Free Bottled Oat Milk Frappuccinos

3 Mins Read Coffee giant Starbucks has announced it is launching a line of dairy-free bottled frappuccinos. Historically slow to react to plant-based demand, Starbucks is making up for lost time. The Frappuccino announcement comes after a slew of new plant-forward releases this year. Frappuccinos have long been a favourite item on the Starbucks menu but this will […]

New Research Claims Coffee May Become Harder To Source And More Expensive As Climate Change Rages On

4 Mins Read The world could lose half of its best coffee-growing land under a moderate climate change scenario. Brazil, which is the currently world’s largest coffee producer, will see its most suitable coffee-growing land decline by 79%.  That’s one key finding of a new study by scientists in Switzerland, who assessed the potential impacts of climate change on coffee, […]

Cell-Based Coffee, Anybody? Finnish Scientists Just Grew Coffee In Labs

3 Mins Read Fancy a cup of lab-grown coffee? Finnish researchers have managed to produce coffee cells in a bioreactor using cellular agriculture. According to the team, it smells and tastes exactly like your regular cup, but comes at a fraction of the environmental cost. Scientists at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland recently produced their first […]