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Sustainable Texting? Green Queen’s Climate Conscious Emoji Guide

4 Mins Read Emojispeak totally count as a language on its own nowadays. But using the laughing face or the red heart emoji is so 2016. It’s 2022, time to upgrade your emojis the sustainable way. PSA: it’s now officially cool to be sustainable! So start using these climate-friendly emojis to proudly showcase how environmentally conscious you are. […]

6 Sustainable Agriculture Buzzwords You’ve Been Hearing Lately

4 Mins Read With climate change rising to the top of the global agenda, many of us are hearing about sustainable agriculture as one of the key solutions. Words like regenerative farming and permaculture are being used everywhere, in speeches from governments and policymakers, to sustainable TikTok influencers. But what do all these words really mean and how […]

7 Japanese Words You Need To Be Living Your Life By

4 Mins Read Have you been searching for a way to describe something you’ve felt, and just can’t pin down using the English language? We’ve definitely felt that way before. Luckily, there are some Japanese words that are just so relatable, and we are here to share them with you! Here are 7 Japanese words that seem to […]

‘Green’ Claims Are Fake, Potentially Illegal: New EU Study Says E-Stores Rife With Greenwashing

4 Mins Read According to a recent study of online shops and traders by the European Union and national consumer protection authorities, ‘greenwashing’ is quite common in online stores meaning that several of the ‘green’ claims on companies’ websites are exaggerated, false, and potentially illegal. A recent study conducted by a group of EU consumer authorities showed that […]

Flygskam: New Scandi Word For Flight Shame Takes Off

2 Mins Read Sweden, the home of iconic eco activist Greta Thunberg, has just invented a new word – flygskam – to describe the feeling of guilt or shame caused by flying on airplanes. The new buzzword has gained in popularity across the world as many of us become more aware of the carbon footprint associated with travelling […]

Wednesday Word Day – Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

< 1 Mins Read Today’s term is  chlorofluorocarbons /(ˈklɔːrəflʊəˈrəˈkɑːb əns/ Usually found in refrigerators and air conditioners, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are man-made chemical compounds derived from methane and ethane, and containing chlorine, fluorine and carbon. CFCs are used as refrigerants, solvents and aerosol propellants. They are avoided as much as possible due to their contribution to the depletion of the ozone layer. […]

Wednesday Word Day – Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

< 1 Mins Read Today’s term is  volatile organic compounds (VOCs) /ˈvɒləˌtaɪl ɔːˈɡænɪk ˈkɒmpaʊndz/ Organic chemical compounds that evaporate at room temperature and are considered hazardous to humans. VOCs can occur naturally and be man-made. They are common ingredients in most paints and solvents as well as certain building materials. Long-term exposure to VOCs, particularly through wall paint and furniture, is linked […]

Wednesday Word Day: Carbon Footprint

< 1 Mins Read Today’s term is  carbon footprint /ˈkɑːb ə n  ˈfʊtˌprɪnt/ Measure of an individual’s environmental impact, expressed in units of carbon dioxide; amount of greenhouse gases emitted by an individual or a company’s actions. Note: greenhouse gases are a major and central contributor to global warming. Do you have  a word you would like to submit to Green Queen? Write […]

Wednesday Word Day: Triple Bottom Line

< 1 Mins Read Today’s term is  triple bottom line /ˈtrɪp ə l ˈbɒtəm   laɪn/ This term refers to a sustainable business philosophy that incorporates three key  overall performance indicator areas: financial, environmental and social. All three are used to assess a company’s growth, success and future areas of development. Do you have  a word you would like to submit to Green Queen? Write […]

Wednesday Word Day: Energy Vampire

< 1 Mins Read Today’s word is: energy vampire /ˈɛnədʒɪ ˈvæmpaɪə/ This term is used to describe electrical and electronic appliances that continue to use up electricity and/or remain in standby mode even after they have been switched off and are no longer performing their primary function. Ususally they tend to be appliances that have a) remote controls, b) continuous digital […]

Wednesday Word Day: Flexitarian

< 1 Mins Read Today’s word is: flexitarian /ˈflɛksɪˈtɛərɪən)/ An individual who follows a mostly vegetarian diet but will eat meat/animal flesh/fish occasionally; sometimes known as a semi-vegetarian. There are no strict rules as to how often or how little a flexitarian will eat meat/animal flesh/fish. An individual who follows a mostly vegetarian on their own but who may consume meat/animal flesh/fish […]

Wednesday Word Day: Brownfield

< 1 Mins Read Today’s word is: brownfield /braʊn)fiːld/ Abandoned, idle and/or unused land that is untouched because of perceived or real environmental toxicity and pollution; often previously used for commercial and/or industrial use for example land used for a dry-cleaning business, or toxic waste disposal or a gas station. The term was first coined in the early 1990s at […]

Wednesday Word Day: Biodynamic

< 1 Mins Read Today’s word is: biodynamic /baɪəʊdaɪˈnæmɪk/ an agricultural term that refers to a specific methodology of farming which embraces a holistic philosophy and uses the symbiotic relationships between the soil, plants and animals to produce in the most self-sustaining way possible.

Wednesday Word Day: Greenproofing

< 1 Mins Read Today’s word is: greenproofing the process of managing health and safety hazards  in living spaces and rendering them more eco-friendly: for example installing water filters on all kitchen, bathroom and shower taps; the advocating of greener lifestyle solutions and product choices to limit exposure to toxins: for example, recommending the use of, and educating clients about, […]

Wednesday Word Day: Composting

< 1 Mins Read It’s Wednesday Word Day at Green Queen! Today’s word is: composting /ˈkɒmpɒstɪŋ/ a method of allowing organic (plant-based) matter from kitchen and yard waste to decompose naturally, the by-product of which is a mineral-rich reusable soil-like substance; the recycling of decayed organic (plant-based) waste into soil enricher, resurfacing material or mulch. While composting is now enjoying […]

Wednesday Word Day: Upcycling

< 1 Mins Read It’s Wednesday Word Day at Green Queen! Today’s word is: upcycling (ʌpˈsʌɪklɪŋ), verb to convert discarded, old and/or previously used items/waste into new materials of greater quality and/or environmental quality; creatively re-crafting ordinary items/objects in order to transform them into design and/or art pieces. 

Wednesday Word Day: Greenwashing

< 1 Mins Read It’s Wednesday Word Day at Green Queen! Every Wednesday, Green Queen is going to post a new eco word/phrase and its definition in the hopes that we can all improve our green vocabulary. Eventually these entries will add up to create Green Queen’s very own Green Glossary. Happy Learning! Today’s word is: greenwashing (ˈɡriːnˌwɒʃɪŋ), verb