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Climate Education: How We Can Instil Hope & Action, Instead of Fear & Eco Anxiety

9 Mins Read Reframing climate change education around a message of “hopeful alarm” will not only underscore the threats we face, it will also show students how they can act to shape the future. By Jeffrey D. Corbin, Meghan A. Duffy, Jacquelyn L. Gill and Carly Ziter This story was originally published by AGU’s Eos magazine. The Realities of Climate Anxiety Students in […]

OpEd: Company Breastfeeding Policies Help Build A Better, More Equitable World

4 Mins Read Feeding your child should not be a barrier to success, argues our special columnist Australian entrepreneur Glen Hare, and that means companies need explicit, comprehensive breastfeeding policies for working mothers. In a major and unexpected turn of events, I’ve been thinking about breastfeeding – a lot. Naturally, a gay man, with no children, is not […]

6 Zero Waste Activities For Kids

4 Mins Read Staying home with kids during the summer holidays can be really tough. You’ve probably tried dozens of activities during the first and second ‘Rona waves and now you’re scratching your head, especially if you are a conscious parent and don’t want any plastic craft clutter that will end up in the landfill. We’ve rounded up […]

PlantBaby Scoops $4 Million For Organic Clean Label Infant Nutrition R&D

4 Mins Read Hawaii-based vegan milk maker PlantBaby has announced the closure of a $4 million seed funding round. It was led by Big Idea Ventures and with participation from The Fund LA, Two Culture Cap, Springbank Collective and Western Technology Investment and notable private investors including actor Daniella Monet and Athletic Greens president and COO Kat Cole. […]

A Lego Factory Comes Back to the U.S., and This Time It’s Carbon-Neutral

4 Mins Read Danish toy giant Lego Group says it’s investing more than $1 billion into a carbon-neutral toy factory in Virginia. More than 1,700 jobs and enough solar energy to match all of the factory’s needs are just two of the highlights of the new 1.7 million square foot facility. Lego’s carbon-neutral factory The new factory, which […]

Wilk Confirms Successful Production Of Human Lactoferrin Proteins In Cultivated Breast Milk Breakthrough

4 Mins Read Israel cell-based breast milk startup Wilk has confirmed a significant breakthrough: the company says it has successfully replicated lactoferrin, a key protein for the development and growth of children and a major step towards being able to offer formula partners access to authentic and vital breast milk components.  The news secures Wilk’s position as one […]

Sprout Organic Launches Plant-Based Organic Baby Formula On Amazon

4 Mins Read Australian infant nutrition startup Sprout Organic has partnered with the world’s largest e-commerce platform, Amazon to bring their plant-based baby formula to more parents. The move comes after online sales of formula have increased exponentially and following the global Covid-19 outbreak that saw grocery supplies in short supply. Now, as the U.S. battles a nationwide […]

Gerber Launches Carbon Neutral Plant-Based Toddler Food Range

3 Mins Read Early years nutrition giant Gerber has launched a new all plant-based range. Plant-tastic is a selection of organic pouches, snacks and meals made using only plant protein sources. The move comes after Gerber announced in 2021 that it will be striving to create more climate-friendly products. Plant-tastic has been certifed as carbon neutral by the […]

Brazil Commits To Serving 10 Million Sustainable Plant-Based School Meals A Year

3 Mins Read A new partnership between Conscious Eating Brazil, the Humane Society International, and Salvador’s city hall will see plant-based meals rolled out to Brazilian schools. In total, more than 10 million sustainable, plant-based meals are scheduled to be dished up in the Bahia state capital city each year.  Legumes, vegetables and grains will take the place […]

The 6 Best Sustainable Maternity Brands Offering Comfort and Style

4 Mins Read Comfort is key when carrying a baby, so it can be hard to retain your consumer ethics when all you want is that perfect pair of slouchy harem trousers. Suddenly, a sponsored advert pops up on social media, showing exactly what you want, but it’s from a known fast fashion offender. What do you do? […]

$2 Million Strong: How Vegan Baby Food Startup Mamamade Overcame Investment Machismo To Serve Busy Parents Better

5 Mins Read UK-based Mamamade is making history, as well as healthy baby food. The organic, plant-based infant meal company has just revealed a 300 percent oversubscribed crowdfunding raise on the Seedrs platform, bringing in £1.5 million ($2 million). Executives from Allplants, and Bulb, amongst others, participated. The baby food market is worth over $60 billion, with […]

Yumi Bags $67 Million For Improved Omnichannel Distribution Of Organic Plant-Based Baby Food

3 Mins Read Los Angeles-based Yumi has announced the closing of a successful $67 million series B funding round, bringing total company funding to $79 million since its 2017 launch. Jazz Ventures Partners, AF Ventures, and 23andMe’s Anne Wojcicki led the round. Funding will be used to create a seamless omnichannel distribution experience for consumers. The women-founded company […]

Cell-Cultured Breastmilk Offers Parents Alternative To Formula

4 Mins Read By: Ruth Purcell & Bianca Le, The University of Melbourne Science has made impressive gains in the art of producing animal products minus the animal. Now this emerging field of cellular agriculture is taking on its biggest challenge yet: breastmilk. Breastmilk is a complex substance, and breastfeeding is even more complicated. We are a long way […]