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Meatable’s Cultivated Pork Sausage Makes Its Debut At ‘Milestone’ Singapore Tasting Event

3 Mins Read Dutch food technology pioneer Meatable says it has achieved a significant milestone by hosting its first-ever cultivated meat-tasting event in Singapore as it moves closer toward approval from the Singapore Food Agency. Over the past few months, Meatable has collaborated with the SFA to meet the approval requirements on its path toward full regulatory approval […]

Thai Union’s Alt Protein MD Talks Sustainable Seafood Solutions, Cultivated Meat And The Future Of Plant-Based

8 Mins Read Global seafood company Thai Union has made alternative proteins a key part of its future business strategy. Not only has the company launched multiple lines of plant-based seafood alternatives including vegan tuna under its flagship John West brand and OMG Meat, an Asian range featuring crab meat, shrimp dumplings, and fish nuggets, the Thai giant […]

Steakholder Foods and Umami Meats Debut World’s First 3D-Printed Cultivated Grouper Fish

3 Mins Read In a global first, Israel’s Steakholder Fodos and Singapore’s Umami Meats showcase a 3-D printed grouper fish created using cellular agriculture. Steakholder Foods, a Nasdaq-listed company and a leader in the cultivated meat industry based in Israel, has successfully printed the world’s first ready-to-cook cultivated grouper fish product. The firm achieved this breakthrough by customizing […]

5 Delicious Vegan Asian Sausage Recipes From Lap Cheong To Cha Lua Chay

3 Mins Read Vegan sausages are just as juicy as traditional sausages, easy to make, and the biggest bonus: so much healthier. These Asian sausage recipes don’t disappoint. Asia is a magical place for vegan food lovers. We have such a richness of variety and range when it comes to delicious vegan dishes. From colourful tangy pickles to […]

With Its New Visa Program, Singapore Aims to Bring In More Food Tech Talent

3 Mins Read Singapore wants to attract more talent in the AI and food-tech sectors via a new visa scheme. Called COMPASS, which stands for Complementarity Assessment Framework, Singapore’s new employment visa program is pointed at employers working to support Singapore’s local economy and forward-thinking technologies, chiefly alternative protein and artificial intelligence. COMPASS The COMPASS program will evaluate […]

Singapore’s Jungle Kitchen Debuts With 6 Indigenous, Tropical Foods

2 Mins Read Singaporean start-up Jungle Kitchen has launched a six-product tropical vegan food range focused on Indigenous ingredients and cooking techniques. Jungle Kitchen is on a mission to bring Southeast and South Asian ingredients, recipes, and preparation techniques to consumers globally while celebrating the quality and diversity of what it says are often overlooked flavors. Jungle Kitchen […]

First Bite: APAC Initiative Backing Future Food Founders Choose 4 Alt Protein Startups

4 Mins Read APAC alt protein fund Better Bite Ventures unveils four new investments via early-stage funding initiative First Bite and reopens applications for aspiring founders. First Bite, a startup initiative created that backs early founders working on innovative solutions to Asia Pacific’s food system challenges, has chosen four startups as it opens application for more ideas. First […]

Malaysia Gets Its First Cultivated Meat Facility

3 Mins Read Slated to launch in Q4 2024, Cell AgriTech says its first cultivated meat production facility will also be Malaysia’s first. Cell AgriTech says it plans to be in full production by spring of 2025, pending regulatory approval for cultivated meat. The company made the factory announcement during the first Malaysia Cultivated Meat Conference held at […]

South Korea’s Tofu Giant Teams Up With Cultivated Meat Startup Simple Planet

3 Mins Read South Korea’s plant-based food manufacturer Pulmuone and cell-based startup Simple Planet have teamed up to co-produce hybrid cultivated meat. Pulmuone and Simple Planet say they’re working to co-develop and commercialize hybrid cultivated meat products that combine plant-based ingredients and cultivated meat. The companies are targeting a 2025 retail launch given the current lack of regulatory […]

An Open Letter To The WSJ: Indonesia’s Deforestation Policies Are Far From A Model Of Success

4 Mins Read While it’s true that forest destruction in Indonesia is at its lowest pace in twenty years, deforestation policies in Indonesia are anything but a model of success. I wrote this response to the Wall Street Journal article, “Indonesia Shows It’s Possible to Tame Rainforest Destruction.” With all due respect to Jon Emont and The Wall Street Journal, while […]

Singapore Approves Good Meat’s Serum-Free Media In a Cultivated Meat First

3 Mins Read Good Meat, the cultivated meat division of San Francisco’s Eat Just, has secured the world’s first regulatory approval for a serum-free media. The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has granted Eat Just approval for its new media used for its cultivated meat. Eat Just’s Good Meat cultivated chicken was the first in the world to receive […]

Thai Union Invests In French Algae Tech Platform Algama

2 Mins Read Thai Union, food giant and leading producer of Thai seafood, has invested in France’s Algama algae innovation platform. Thai Union’s Corporate Venture Capital Fund joined Algama’s recent €13 million Series A funding round to help accelerate its industrial algal ingredients for the food and beverage sector. “At Thai Union, we are committed to “Healthy Living, […]

China Takes First Place In the 2022 ProVeg Food Innovation Challenge APAC

3 Mins Read With more than $10,000 in prize money on the table, young Asian tech teams competed in the ProVeg Food Innovation Challenge APAC. China, Korea, India, Indonesia, and Thailand were all victorious in the 2022 ProVeg Food Innovation Challenge APAC. This was the first year the challenge included all Asia Pacific regions. It focused on South-East […]

WTH Foods Launches New Filipino-Inspired Frozen Plant-Based Meat Range, Umani

2 Mins Read Philippines-based plant-based meat manufacturer WTH Foods has launched Umani, a new range of frozen plant-based products drawing on Filipino culture. The mission-driven WTH Foods says its new range of frozen meals is part of its goal of helping to feed the planet’s estimated population of ten billion people by 2050. Umani The new WTH Foods […]

Singapore Appoints Its First Chief Sustainability Officer

2 Mins Read Singapore’s Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment announced the establishment of the position of Government Chief Sustainability Officer to advance its fight against the climate crisis. On January 1st, 2023, Tuang Liang Lim began his tenure as Singapore’s first Government Chief Sustainability Officer (GCSO). Lim leaves the Chief Science and Technology Officer at the Ministry of […]

Float Foods’ OnlyEg Gets the Veganuary Treatment In Singaporean Restaurants

2 Mins Read Singapore’s Float Foods is launching a region-wide restaurant push for its plant-based OnlyEg during Veganuary. Just weeks after announcing a meal kit partnership in Hong Kong with DayDayCook, Singapore’s Float Foods is teaming up again. This time, it’s partnering with a number of restaurants on its home turf to help locals and visitors to Singapore […]

One Good Acquires India’s ‘Best’ Vegan Cheese Brand

3 Mins Read Following its acquisition of plant-based nutrition brand Pro2fit earlier this year, India’s leading plant-based dairy brand One Good has added Angelo Vegan Cheese to its portfolio. “One reason we are excited about having Angelo Vegan Cheese on board is because it aligns with our pursuit of making products that are delicious, functional, and have clean […]

Another Foods Launches India’s First Plant-Based Food-Service-Ready Chicken

3 Mins Read Mumbai-based Another Foods says its new plant-based chicken is made specifically for food service to support the demands across the hospitality and restaurant industries. Another Foods says it worked with hospitality and food service experts to co-create its new line of plant-based chicken. “Having our own lab and manufacturing setup, Another Foods is able to […]