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In Singapore, Call It ‘Cultivated’ Meat – Not ‘Clean’ or ‘Cell-Based’

5 Mins Read Singaporeans prefer the term ‘cultivated meat’ over related terms like ‘cultured’ or ‘cell-based’, according to a new study. Moreover, researchers found that people who consider cultivated meat ‘unnatural’ are – perhaps counterintuitively – more likely to acknowledge its benefits and consume it. Singapore, which became the first country to approve the sale of cultivated meat […]

Can the Green Tuesday Cafeteria Campaign Help Vietnam Lower Its Meat Emissions?

4 Mins Read Non-profit organisation Vegan Outreach has expanded its Green Tuesday Initiative to Vietnam after five years in India. The programme hopes to reduce the impact of the country’s diet on the environment and is in talks with over 100 institutions about eating greener every Tuesday. The Green Tuesday Initiative helps corporations and educational institutions tackle climate […]

Netflix Documentary ‘Live to 100’ Names Singapore the World’s Sixth Blue Zone

4 Mins Read Author and explorer Dan Buettner, co-founder of the Blue Zones certification, has announced a sixth addition to the list, Singapore, in the new Netflix documentary, Live to 100. Blue zones are regions where people live longer than average, and Buettner calls Singapore an “engineered blue zone” representing healthy longevity. The current five blue zones are Sardinia […]

Exclusive: Malaysian Startup Debuts ‘World-First’ Tempeh Beef Mince

4 Mins Read Malaysian alt-protein startup Good Health Farm claims it has created the world’s first tempeh beef mince in Singapore. It looks, cooks and tastes like its conventional animal counterpart, and costs the same as certain premium varieties. The brand has also collaborated with Singaporean chef Forest Leong on a range of ready-to-heat local favourites made with […]

50% of Asia’s Protein Must be Animal-Free by 2060 To Reach Net Zero

6 Mins Read Countries in Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific must increase their alt-protein production by 2030 to help mitigate the climate crisis, as animal protein and its associated emissions must peak by the end of the decade, says a new report. By 2060, alt-proteins will need to make up 50% of the region’s total protein production if it […]

Singapore Vegan Startup Hegg is Now in the Egg Section of Your Supermarket, After Partnering with the Island’s Leading Egg Distributor

3 Mins Read Singaporean vegan egg startup Hegg – a subsidiary of Howw Foods – has entered into a distributorship agreement with the nation’s largest egg distributor, Dasoon. The move is designed to expand the presence of Hegg’s Eggless Egg in local supermarkets, and open more offline channels for the brand’s other plant-based egg products. The collaboration has […]

HerbYvore Launches Singapore’s First Locally Produced Vegan Cheese to Support Food Security Initiative

3 Mins Read Joining other food businesses in contributing to Singapore’s 30 by 30 food security initiative, Agrocorp International’s HerbYvore brand has launched the country’s first locally produced vegan cheese range. The HerbY-Cheese products are nut- and soy-free, with pea protein making the plant-based cheese more allergen-friendly. Agrocorp received support from the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and […]

Peanut Meat Brand Haofood Unveils Vegan Pork Mince Soup Dumplings

3 Mins Read Shanghai food tech brand Haofood, known for its plant-based chicken made from peanuts, has launched soup dumplings filled with peanut-based pork mince. The first plant-based meat brand to use peanut protein as the base ingredient, this marks the company’s second type of vegan meat. Xiaolongbaos (or soup dumplings) traditionally contain a minced pork filling, but […]

Meatable Raises $35M For Cultivated Pork Production, Eyes 2024 Singapore Launch

4 Mins Read Dutch startup Meatable has raised $35M in funding to scale the production and accelerate the commercial launch of its cultivated pork. Bringing the total funding received by the company to $95M, the announcement comes a month after it worked with Mosa Meat, HollandBIO and the Dutch government to create a ‘code of practice’ facilitating cultivated […]

5 Delicious Vegan Asian Sausage Recipes From Lap Cheong To Cha Lua Chay

3 Mins Read Vegan sausages are just as juicy as traditional sausages, easy to make, and the biggest bonus: so much healthier. These Asian sausage recipes don’t disappoint. Asia is a magical place for vegan food lovers. We have such a richness of variety and range when it comes to delicious vegan dishes. From colourful tangy pickles to […]

AirAsia Partners With Indonesia’s Green Rebel for Meatless Menu Options

3 Mins Read Indonesia’s premier plant-based protein brand, Green Rebel, has teamed up with Malaysian budget airline, AirAsia, to provide meatless alternatives of traditional Southeast Asian delicacies for the inflight menus on regional routes. Beginning today, Green Rebel’s vegan Pak Nasser’s Plant-Based Nasi Lemak will be available on AirAsia’s Malaysia routes, while passengers on Philippines routes will be […]

Asia’s Growing Demand for Alternative Protein Benefits Antipodean Exporters, Report Finds

3 Mins Read Asia’s surging demand for alternative proteins could open up new export avenues for manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand, according to recent research. The new report, Alternative Proteins and Asia, was compiled by independent alternative proteins think tank Food Frontier, market research firm Mintel, and New Zealand’s food and fiber sector think tank Te Puna […]

New Research Outlines Blueprint for Sustainable Protein Production in Asia

3 Mins Read A new study from Asia Research and Engagement (ARE) highlights the impact of animal protein production on greenhouse gas emissions across Asia’s ten largest markets. The new ARE study, entitled “Charting Asia’s Protein Transition”, looks at animal protein production in markets including China, India, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia and the environmental impacts. The research […]

As It Readies for a Series A, Green Rebel Expands In Asia, Including 364 Starbucks In Malaysia

3 Mins Read Indonesian food-tech startup Green Rebel is broadening its presence across the Asia-Pacific, establishing partnerships with top quick service restaurants including Starbucks Malaysia and Nando’s Singapore, as it gears up for a series A funding round by the end of 2023. Green Rebel, which launched in Indonesia in September 2020, is a plant-based food startup focused […]

The World’s First Gelato Made Out Of Captured Carbon Debuts in Singapore

3 Mins Read Singaporeans will have a chance to try the world’s first gelato made from air at the restaurant Fico. Developed by Finnish food tech company Solar Foods, the new dessert is made using ingredients derived from air. Last September, Solar Foods obtained regulatory approval from Singapore to sell Solein — its revolutionary microbial protein. The public […]

Shiok Meat’s Sandhya Sriram Gets Personal: ‘As A Pioneer, You Have To Break A Lot More Barriers And A Lot More Glass Ceilings’

13 Mins Read Sandhya Sriram is co-founder and CEO at Shiok Meats, a Singapore-headquartered cultivated meat and seafood company founded in 2018 that has raised over $30 million in funding. Below, she talks to Green Queen‘s Sonalie Figueiras about where cell-based seafood is going, her views on the future of cultivated meat, how investors should be thinking about […]

India’s Shaka Harry Makes Its International Debut In With 15 Plant-Based Products In Singapore

4 Mins Read Leading Indian plant-based protein label Shaka Harry has announced its expansion into Singapore. The expansion marks the company’s first foray into the international market. Shaka Harry is set to introduce 15 innovative products at Mustafa Centre Singapore, a four-level retail hub and iconic shopping mall known for its 24-hour market-style shopping experience. To support the […]

Singapore’s Flash Coffee Replaces Dairy With Oatside’s Oat Milk ‘To Help Our Customers Take A Small Step Forward’

3 Mins Read Singapore-based coffee franchise, Flash Coffee, has announced an exclusive partnership with fellow Singaporean oat milk maker Oatside, which will be the default in any milk-based drinks, replacing dairy. The shift to oat milk makes Flash Coffee the first prominent coffee chain in Singapore to move away from conventional dairy. The new offering is at no […]