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5 Ways Fungi Could Change The World, From Cleaning Water to Breaking Down Plastics

5 Mins Read By: Mitchell P. Jones Fungi — a scientific goldmine? Well, that’s what a review published today in the journal Trends in Biotechnology indicates. You may think mushrooms are a long chalk from the caped crusaders of sustainability. But think again. Many of us have heard of fungi’s role in creating more sustainable leather substitutes. Amadou vegan leather crafted from […]

Study Finds Link Between Eating Mushrooms And A Lower Risk Of Depression

3 Mins Read A new study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders has revealed that eating mushrooms could lower the risk of depression. Sampling data from more than 24,000 adults in the US, between 2005 and 2016, researchers from Penn State University gleaned the findings from diet analysis, with a specific focus on the frequency of mushroom […]

Mycorena Unveils Fungi Fat Ingredient That Makes Vegan Steaks Juicy

3 Mins Read Swedish startup Mycorena broadens its fungi-powered portfolio with a “breakthrough” fat ingredient that can help producers make juicy vegan steaks.  Mycorena has “cracked the code” to fungi-powered fats, which will help plant-based meat producers achieve the taste and textural complexities of the meat-eating experience. The new ingredient is designed to recreate the “profile of sensations […]

This Startup Is Taking Down Synthetic Food Dyes with Fungi-Powered Colourants

3 Mins Read Michroma is developing natural vegan-friendly food colourants powered by fungi to overhaul synthetic and animal-based, non-vegan food dyes.  The food colourant market is dominated by synthetics and animal-derived products, but startups are now rising to the challenge with animal-free and natural solutions. One of them is Michroma, a synbio firm that says it has developed […]

This Israeli Startup Says Its Mycelium Ingredient Makes Vegan Meat Tastier and Healthier

3 Mins Read Mush Foods, an Israeli food tech developing mycelium, believes its flagship ingredient could be the answer to upgrading existing alternative proteins. Based in Tel Aviv, the startup uses fermentation and AI to efficiently produce its fungi-based ingredient, which it says could make everything from plant-based dairy to vegan steak tastier, healthier and more sustainable.  Mush […]

Novozymes Believes Mycoprotein Is The Future of Sustainable Food and Is Now Asking For Partners To Join Its Journey

3 Mins Read Can Mycoprotein Save Our Food System? Novozymes Is Betting On It.  Novozymes, the largest enzyme and microbial technology provider based in Denmark, believes that mycoprotein could help shape the future of sustainable food. Now, it’s issuing an Innovation Call to invite startups, researchers, corporations and NGOs to join its journey to co-develop new ways to […]

Oslo Startup Secures Funds For Fungi Food and Materials Solutions

3 Mins Read NoMy has announced the closing of a seed funding round to accelerate its fungi-powered sustainable solutions. Based in Oslo, the Norwegian startup uses fungal mycelium to develop alternatives for everything from food to materials, such as alternative meat and bioplastics.  NoMy has raised an undisclosed amount of capital in its seed funding round, which attracted […]