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Omni Scoops $1.5 Million For Vet-Backed Vegan Dog Food As Man’s Best Friend Becomes Investors’ Best Bet

3 Mins Read UK-based Omni has secured £1.1 ($1.5) million in its first funding round. ProVeg International, Trellis Road, Purple Orange Ventures and Kale United all participated. Funds have been raised to support new product line developments, including treats that treat specific health conditions. Other investors include angel financier Vera Baker, as part of the Atomico Angel Programme […]

This Vegan Pet Food Startup Wants Dogs To Thrive On Plant Power

4 Mins Read Many pet owners believe that their dogs are naturally carnivores. But the truth is, dogs are omnivores and they can thrive on a plant-based diet. That’s the reason why British veterinarian Dr. Guy Sandelowsky decided to start Omni, an aptly named startup that has developed 100% vegan, nutritionally-complete dog food that is better for pets’ […]

This Cultured Meat Startup Is Making Animal-Free Food For Your Pets

3 Mins Read While people around the world are getting excited about trying cultivated meats for the first time in the near future, this startup is thinking about offering this experience to your pets. Based in Philadelphia, Because Animals is a biotech working on developing animal-free pet food using cell-based technology, and have already managed to produce the […]